I’m Moving Out of My Recliner!

Lura Zerick

I have been an avid reader since elementary school.  For years I have gone to the local library to check out the limit of books allowed; number of books vary with different locations. Where I live in Alabama, one can get five books to read during a two-week period. Since I enjoy reading so much, I go each week to get my five books. I also buy many books but am running out of bookcases. Now I realize that much reading means that I am comfortable in my recliner, which also indicates that my eyes are the only thing moving. In my joy of reading, I am being inactive too many hours! I know that I can’t STOP reading but I must read less, get out of the chair and do something, anything that will give me exercise. Being inactive has made me almost unable to be active.

I didn’t always have that much time to read while I was raising five children. I read the books that I bought but after the youngest entered Kindergarten, I enrolled in a nearby Junior College and earned an A.A. Degree in Journalism. Then I got so busy with freelance writing, plus editing and publishing a newsletter for women (no, I’m not a feminist but at that time I was writing for victims of domestic violence, women who were hurting.)

Then I began writing and producing a weekly, then daily radio program which was broadcast on five stations in FL, GA and AL. Later I began singing in nightclubs and a cruise ship from Miami to the Bahamas and Jamaica, then co-producing and participating in a weekly radio program of gospel music. Later, I composed and recorded two gospel CDs as well as co-anchoring a two-hour Saturday morning radio program. I also began doing gospel concerts, plus freelance writing and speaking dates. My fifth book was published when I was 80. I am working on two others now.

Until I was 78 I had many book signings and speaking dates. I am an encourager, so I know how important that is to one who is reaching for a dream. It certainly made a difference in my life because I did have one encourager and those uplifting words finally gave me the courage that I needed to be the one I was meant to be.

For the last nine months I have enjoyed national radio phone interviews (had two last month while in Tampa for my grandson’s wedding.) These interviews involve my third book, GETTING OLDER AND ENJOYING IT  My objective is to encourage older people to stay active, go to school, learn, do,  and volunteer to help others. DON’T just twiddle your thumbs and wait to die! Teach your grandchildren the joy of baking, cooking, sewing or whatever you do well. Little people need to learn what you can teach them. Get up and get busy!

Since I stopped driving voluntarily, I can’t and don’t attend many events that I would enjoy. However, I can’t stop everything! I plan to enroll for online classes toward a B.A. in Biblical Studies; I will enjoy that, as the Bible is a favorite book. I will be more active, even just walking as much as possible before getting tired. With new meds (and a new doctor) I have my major problem of high blood pressure under control. Instead of 240/118, it now registers around 129/66 so I am one thankful great-grandma! Maybe I can start doing a little bit of working in my yard again. I did so enjoy that in the past. As I get closer to 82, I’m not sitting here twiddling my thumbs! How will I know what I can do unless I try!!!

Thank you to all who e-mailed me during my recent time of medical concern.



  1. Why do you disavow feminism? I’m proud to be one. Bonnie

  2. Sonya Smith says

    I have never known you to sit still long! Keep on moving! Love you!

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