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Liam McCurry

Liam McCurry-Author and Bon Vivant

I like nothing more than to discover “old” people who ignore their chronological age and just go on  learning and producing. Like Liam McCurry, for example. This 86-year-old dynamo just blows me away. Recovering from a hip injury, he continues to write and promote exciting thrillers. His latest effort is found here.  Please take a look. But wait! As the TV commercial says, “There”s more”. Check out Liam’s extensive list of digital books here. I must add, his favority slogan is “Buy the damn book!”  And I agree.

Liam McCurry’s bio is breathtaking. He is a Korean-combat Marine veteran with a background in insurance, real estate, securities, land development and advertising. He’s written for publications throughout America – and has also been a carnival wrestler/boxer, oil-town dance-hall cooler, bartender, done highway and bridge construction, been an actor, radio, television and broadcast newsman, talk-show host, weatherman, and sports play-by-play announcer, including network football. He’s lectured in psychology and history for a university, teaching adult education classes for State Penitentiary inmates. An avowed vagabond, his writing shows delightful knowledge of back-roads and byways as well as tourist spots and an intimate acquaintance with the people, moods, color, odors and geography of his locales.

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