Women Are God’s Incredible Creation

Barbara Morris

Suzanne Venker, co-author of Women Who Win At Love  recently appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show . She was there to talk about her book and the trials and tribulations of single women looking for a new love.   She is controversial because she believes the women’s liberation movement has been disastrous for women as well as for men and Tucker agrees with her.  I agree with her as well.

Women Who Win At Love  is not much different than other anti-feminist books I’ve read. Nevertheless, the book is an important read because it caught the attention of a nationally recognized voice — Tucker Carlson . Ms. Venker’s appearance and discussion with Tucker meant that finally, the “alternative point of view” of the traditional woman has gotten unusual positive national exposure.

On to the main topic — dating — especially older men and women. (I’ll get to Ms. Venker’s book shortly)

In my Kindle book. Can’t Fail Tips For Old Guys Looking For Love  (which is free to read) I say a lot considered outrageous by some, but makes sense to me. For example, I tell older men not ask or expect a woman to help pay dating expenses  because men pay — that’s the way it’s always been for men of “that” generation. How times have changed, thanks to “women’s liberation”!  My  advice to men has produced many irate comments. I have been told numerous times by men to “get with it” and accept  that older women should help pay dating expenses because that’s the new reality for senior dating.

I don’t like it, but I get it.

Many retired men who could be and should be working if for no other reason than to keep their brain functioning,  are existing on Social Security payments and not much else or, they have money but don’t want to spend it on dates that will probably go nowhere. They also believe many widows  have insurance money acquired after a husband’s death and therefore, have more money to spend than men,  so women should “share the wealth”.

Not only are women expected to help pay for a date, more times than not they are expected to provide sex, and if things go well, eventually serve as a live-in cook and housekeeper until something better (younger) comes along. Reality check:  Who wants to kiss,  let alone have sex with a decrepit old goat with bad teeth, infected gums and probably,  bad breath. One elderly lothario told me his teeth weren’t all that important, adding he couldn’t afford to get them fixed.  However, he had money to go on cruises and buy an expensive antique car to hopefully impress the ladies.

On to my connection with Ms. Venker’s book.

When I received my copy I flipped through it and quickly came upon her dating rule number two: “Don’t offer to pay”.  I could scarcely believe my eyes —  does someone else think about this subject the same way I do? Yes, and here are two of her three reasons for her point of view:

“. . .accepting a man’s willingness to pay says a lot about you. It lets him know you value yourself, that you believe you’re worth spending hard-earned money on. And that’s a great place to start any relationship.”


“Offering to pay your half of the date cheapens the experience and makes it feel no different from  two friends grabbing a bite. A date is different from hanging out with a friend — or at least, it’s supposed to be. Just because you’re capable of paying your way doesn’t mean you should. Let him take care of it.”

I could be wrong (probably not) but I think those two comments confirm that women are God’s incredible creatures with a divine mandate to stay up on a pedestal to be loved, adored and taken care of. Pay on a date? Heck no! Put on your halo ladies! You are a pearl of great price! Believe it and live it!

Get a copy of Women Who Win at Love  and whether you are liberal, traditional or some place in between, it will give you plenty to think and talk about. I’ve thought about it and concluded that if a man can’t afford the expense of taking  a woman on a date then he shouldn’t ask her for a date. Period.

If you sign up for Ms. Venker’s newsletter you  get a download link for three of her e-books. I have read two of them:  “Think Like A Woman and Get the Love You Want” and “The Bossy Wife Diet”. Freebies often are lightweight but these two e-books  are worth your time to read regardless of which side of the dating fence you are on.

Do you agree or  disagree? I support the First Amendment. You are welcome to share your point of view with a loving spirit.

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