Why I Won’t Quit


Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

I am determined to enjoy a sense of achievement until my last breath! I refuse to simply sit and do nothing or just twiddle my thumbs. It is true that my list of ‘friends to call’ has gotten much shorter, mainly because many of them have died. I haven’t, so therefore I am going to enjoy the days I have left! There are few I can ‘do things with’, as in have lunch, go shopping, even window shopping. Few are able to go to concerts (yes, I still enjoy music) and besides, there are few with whom I want to spend several hours. Call me picky.

BUT I can be writing an article or working on one of my book manuscripts, whichever one I choose. I can be arranging a speaking date or a book signing. I might even prepare to sing a song or two at one of my events. I don’t plan to just roll over and stop my activities until I MUST. I wouldn’t last a week, just doing nothing. The more activities I have, the more ZEST I have for life. This gives me something to look forward to doing today, tomorrow or the day after. I NEED that.

Yes, friends are fewer, activities might be more limited as I get older but I’m not finished yet. My grown-up kids have their own lives to live.  My grands and great-grands are busy with school and/or their own activities. So what? There are still many things I can do and I plan to stay active with those things. I won’t reach a stopping point until I am unable to do the things that I enjoy, or those things that give a terrific sense of accomplishment.

I READ several hours each day and am grateful that I can. Reading has been a great pleasure since elementary school. I have had many tell me, “I don’t have time to read.”  Take my advice and MAKE time to read! I’m going to read if I have to skip mealtime! We WILL do those things that are so important to us.

So your favorite thing might not be reading but, whatever it is, I suggest that you enjoy the activity you like best.  There are many things that might interest you; find several that you would enjoy and start living your later days with pleasure!  You have already learned that life is short – or it might be longer than we expect – I urge you to do the things that you enjoy. Accomplishment can bring a smile to our faces as well as joy to our hearts.

I learned that going back to school can make a huge difference in our lives. Learning new things, or improving old things by going to classes can give us a new sense of gain which can make our lives more exciting! Don’t miss an opportunity to make your efforts more rewarding. There can be too many days that seem long, so anything that juices them up is more than welcome!

Don’t give up if you are disappointed in the first few things you try. Maybe you didn’t find your favorite yet but keep trying! Having something you enjoy doing can make such a difference in your days! You don’t believe me?  TRY IT!!! 


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