Why And How Focus On Attracting Is Misplaced

Joyce Shafer

Joyce L. Shafer

“Attract” is one of the primary buzz-words used to explain how manifestation works. Whichever word you use, you may be putting the “cart before the horse.”

I’ve seen and used the words attract, magnetize, match vibrations, alignment—and others. They’re all good words that represent a specific action or dynamic; and it really is only one action being represented, no matter which label you use.

But, this action (and therefore the words used to describe it—attract, etc.) is the EFFECT of something that comes before it. Attraction is not the cause of manifesting—it IS one of the “mechanical” dynamics involved to facilitate it, but the CAUSE is something else. Struggle happens because we usually place focus more on attracting—believing it’s the key action step—rather than place our focus on the actual cause of every manifestation.

If you’ve ever had something pop into your reality very quickly, say, within a short time after the thought of it, it’s likely that you didn’t engage your thoughts or feelings about it according to any system. In fact, you probably had the thought while you were doing something, paused long enough for the thought to register—if you paused at all, then kept on with what you were doing. You didn’t construct affirmations, didn’t align your energy with having it, didn’t do some of the other things you’ve learned to do. You very simply allowed it to show up with none of the usual inner dialogue, discussions, or arguments you often have with yourself.

I am NOT saying such tools are a waste of time. They absolutely provide benefits such as clearing out mental and emotional clutter, transmuting negative thinking into positive, etc. We carry these learned layers of limiting beliefs, so we need tools that help us whittle away what isn’t needed or useful.

So here’s what you’re waiting for. The CAUSE of manifestation: You have a thought about something and you ALLOW it as your experience. Stay with me while I explain further.

Allow is the “horse;” Attract is the “cart,” or at least a wheel.

You might ask, “Doesn’t that mean the idea is the cause?” No. An idea is definitely a ripple in the field, but how many ideas (thoughts) do you have that never show up as real—and thank goodness, considering how you sometimes use your thinking! A thought is your conscious or subconscious ego tossing around ideas of what to include (or not) on the menu. What you call intuition is your infinite self sending you a telegram about what IS being added to the menu.

Important Note: Your ego self will choose and allow what it perceives as pleasurable, and cannot fathom that it/you would ever choose anything other than what is pleasurable to experience. Your infinite self will choose and allow what it knows is purposeful, knowing pleasure or pain are perceptions. Your best tactic is to deal with each of these differently and appropriately. For the purpose of this writing, we’re dealing with the ego aspect of consciously making choices and, hopefully, taking the shortcut of Allowing, so desires can more effortlessly show up as experiences.

If you could consistently engage Allowing with knowing how the field works, and that you’re never not using it, that would be ideal. That’s a terrific target to aim at. In the meantime, if you apply yourself to reducing all the stuff—the self-arguments and doubts and negative mind chatter—you’ll have far less stress and delays involved in your manifestation process.

You’ve heard others say a manifestation component is to allow yourself to receive; but I thought you’d appreciate playing with the energetic that Allow needs to precede Attract, rather than follow it in the scheme of manifestation. You can attempt to Attract out the wazoo, but if you’re not on board with Allow . . . frustration, strain, struggle, stress, delay beyond right timing, and more are yours.

Try this “chronology” for day-to-day desired results:

Imagine it (then keep it or toss it).

If you keep it, Allow it so you can more easily . . .

Attract it.

Receive it.

Enjoy it.

Appreciate it, and how the process works.

You are what you practice.

© Joyce Shafer

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