What is YOUR Actual Age?

Barbara Morris at 91, June 2018

I have discovered a new, high-tech test developed by TruAgeDiagnostics. The test determines your actual biological age — your real age.  It makes chronological age (calendar age) meaningless.

This is the most exciting advanced research  I’ve seen in a very long time. Acceptance of our chronological age often cheats many individuals, women in particular, out of years of love, happiness, and success because they think they are “too old” to make new positive changes. Until the TruDiagnostics test became available there was no way to determine actual or real biological age. This test accurately tests the body’s cells through a blood test conducted in a high-tech lab. Click here for the TruAge Brochure that explains what the test involves

I’m 93 as this is written and I took the test. The result showed my biological age is 74. That’s unusual, but I’ve been a “health nut” and have exercised regularly for many years.  I have also taken a Telomere test that puts my age at 70. The test results explain not only “why” our cells are in the condition they are in but help is given to understand what can be done to preserve or improve health and vitality for longer than expected. The TruDiagnostics test can be a wake-up call if the result shows a person is biologically older than their chronological age. Positive change can be started immediately. It’s a woman’s (or a man’s) best friend.

David  A. Sinclair, Ph.D., author of the new book, Lifespan: Why We Age –and Why We Don’t Have To believes physical and mental aging is a curable disease. I agree that we can lower the rate of our physical and mental aging by learning our actual or biological age and making diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will produce the results we want. It can be done when we learn how to do it. The TruAgeDiagnpostics test holds the key to success.

The test is now available to anyone and can be ordered from TrueAgeDiagnostics. Use the discount code PUTONHOLD in the appropriate box on the checkout page and receive a $50 discount.


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