What is Hollywood’s Real Secret to a Smaller Waist?


John Paul Ouvrier

It’s amazing how often I hear people complain about their waist line and how much it continues to grow no matter what they do.  Now let’s just assume we all adult enough to recognize that if you don’t do anything but eat and not exercise that your stomach is going to stick out.  And let’s further assume that we all know that that the loose skin on top of our stomach isn’t something that any dieting or sit ups will fix completely.  (That’s something to speak to your doctor about!) 

 Yet if we’re looking for a smaller waist line, and we are willing to eat a smart diet and exercise, and know that we can’t make everything look exactly like we’d like it- what should we do?  Is there a secret to getting and keeping a smaller waist line?  Yes.  Is this something most people are not taught?  Yes.  Is this something I am going to share with you now as your Wizard of Youth?  Yes.  And does this mean, my loyal readers, that I am the first person you will call to speak at your next function?  That’s a big yes!  So here’s your secret:

            Up and In, Keeps Me Slim!

Easy enough to say, yet it requires some understanding as to how it works.  Ladies, let me ask you something about how you make your figure look good in an evening dress.  How do you stand if you want to make the waist line look smaller and the bust line look bigger?  You lift up as tall as you can, and pull your waist line up, right? 

You do what a dear woman I worked with years ago told me she used to do during the Second World War. She told me she KYSI’d.  When I asked her what KYSI meant here is what she told me:

“During the Second World War, it wasn’t easy to get a man- there weren’t too many men to go around back then.  So the girls and I had a saying, KYSI.  That stood for ‘Keep Your Stomach In’.  Because no man wants a girl whose stomach stuck out, and if you wanted a husband, you KYSI’d!”

We may laugh at this, but think about the fashion back in that era; slimmer waists were the norm.  We showed our waist line.  Now the fashion is Hawaiian type, hang out of your pants, un-tucked everything, which promotes a larger waist!  Why fix it- just don’t look at it!

What we don’t do is to tell our waist line to be smaller, so why should it stay small?  If all day long we let the stomach hang out, that my dear readers is an instruction to the body to let the stomach hang out!  Up and In Keeps Me Slim is the only way to counter this.

So throughout the day, lift your stomach up and in.  And how do we physically do this? 

Imagine you are in cold water up to your belly button and you want to pull up and away from the cold.  That’s what it means to pull up and in.  You lift your chest up tall, pull the lower tummy up and in, and you are able to breathe.  And that takes us to Hollywood’s real secret to a smaller waist line.

Thinking about everything we just said, imagine if you were out here in Hollywood and you were trying to slim the waist line down for a movie and you were doing sit ups in a gym.  If you didn’t apply the Up and In Keeps Me Slim secret, you’d be doing crunches and sit ups with your stomach sticking out, which would train it to stay out.  That’s the big slim waist line secret here in Hollywood; lift up as tall as you can, pull your tummy up and in BEFORE you do your sit ups, or you’ll give yourself a round waist.  Sadly most people do lots of sit ups and crunches, they don’t pull their waist line up and in, and they train their stomachs to stick out…

So my dear friends, up and in during the day and up and in during exercise, or you shall be down and round with a basketball for a middle.   God bless you, don’t take no for an answer, and use your brain to get your body to do what it can, because it can always do more than you think.


John Paul Ouvrier, is a fitness trainer who specializes in working with older adults.  He is the author of ‘The Wizard of Youth’ series for adults and children, the creator of ‘The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids Board Game’ and the Executive Director of Fitness For Charity.  His websites are: http://wizardofyouth.com. & http://fitness4charity.org.  He can be reached at john@wizardofyouth.com  


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