Vacillating About Vaccines?

In Life Extension magazine, October 2018,  I read an interview with Kris Verburgh, M.D,  author of The Longevity Code . I found  it fascinating but absolutely scary as it relates to viruses and vaccines. Medical and pharmaceutical journals are overflowing with impassioned pleas for EVERYONE to be vaccinated for just about EVERYTHING under the sun. Children MUST be vaccinated with designated vaccines before starting school. I found the potential in the paragraphs below (copied from the interview} absolutely staggering.

Dr. Vesburgh: ” CRISPR proteins are a recent discovery that enables researchers to rewrite genes (Pieces of DNA that contain the building instructions for proteins.)

Until recently, this was a very a very laborious and time-consuming process. A certain gene had to be made in the laboratory that could cure a disease caused by absence of the gene or a poorly functioning gene. This gene had to be inserted into a virus and that virus was injected into a person. The virus then infected cells and planted the gene somewhere at random in your DNA. Since this is a completely random process it could, for example, cause cancer if the gene was planted in an area of DNA that controls cell growth.”

As I read it I thought,  with so much government control over so many aspects of our personal lives, mandating what we do or not do, what possibilities are there to use this procedure for an odious purpose? With many questionable vaccines now mandated by law, it makes me think  twice about the potential. On the other hand, Alzheimer’s is now thought to possibly be the caused by a virus and if so, just maybe, this procedure could be a blessing. As yet, the CAUSE of Alzheimer’s is unknown. Lots of theories, but no specifics.






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