Thoughts on the Flu


Michael E. Platt, M.D.

Just a few words about the purported “flu epidemic”. I am not sure when people will finally realize that flu shots do not prevent the flu. Most people are very much aware that these shots can provide side effects that are similar to symptoms of the flu.

The CDC appears to be closely connected to the drug companies who sell the vaccines, and I suspect that they somehow benefit financially. How else can one explain their hyperinflated statistics and dire warnings.

I get aggravated by the media who participate in this yearly scam to encourage people to get flu shots after reporting the number of flu deaths. It is fairly well recognized that people dying from influenza have compromised immune systems in almost all cases.

Obviously, the approach to flu prevention is to enhance your immune system. Something as simple as vitamin D3 prevents every  flu there is when taken in the correct amount (which is a lot higher than the ridiculous recommendation of the Institute of Medicine of 400 IU/day).

I recommend at least 10,000 IU per day which should be taken with vitamin K2 to prevent calcification of arteries. For those who prefer not to go shopping, you can order a combination vitamin D3/ vitamin K capsules or liquid from my office –  760-836-3232 or by the web:

To be fully covered, you can start with 50,000 IU capsules for the first week or so, and then go to the 5,000 IU capsules. 



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