The Morris-Garner Tribe At Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas again and I thought I’d share a couple of photos of “My Tribe”. It’s a tiny tribe but awesome. In the left photo, from left to right: Grandson Alex, Grandson Michael, Barbara (minus makeup and shoes — the “real” me), daughter Pat and her saintly husband Bob, whom I call Mr. Bob. Oh, yes, there is also Corgi Sammy, our fierce, ferocious,  courageous watchdog, biding his time until he can sink his teeth into a delivery man. (Just kidding. He’s afraid of his own shadow. He doesn’t know he’s a dog. If we take him to a dog park he sits with people.)


Alex, trying out the piano. A budding musician.









Below: Grandsons Michael and Alex took Nana to Olive Garden. They paid! (That’s different!) Oh, how grown up they are. We are so proud of them.!


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