The COVID Situation: The Beat Goes On

I continue to harp on the COVID situation because it’s more than a health issue. It is profoundly political and used as the means to an end — the entry of the U.S.  into a controlled global system with fewer controllable inhabitants.  As far-fetched as that sounds, that’s the plan. The information provided is not intended to frighten but to inform. If you have been vaccinated, please don’t panic. Support and maintain the health of your immune system and supplement with Vitamin D.

If you don’t open any other link in the list, watching the video below is a must, especially if CNN is your trusted primary news source:

CNN Head Urged Producer to Push COVID-19 Death Numbers for Ratings, Tech Director Recorded as Saying (video)

Moderna’s top scientist: ‘We are actually hacking the software of life’

Post-COVID Wave Ahead of Death, Disability From Chronic Disease

The above article is from respected Medscape for Pharmacists. In a roundabout way, it supports similar warnings by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who explains in a video (included)  how and why the mRNA vaccines will start working in 3-6 months.

CDC Says Sanitization Efforts are ‘Theater’ and a Waste of Resources

Investigation Finds ‘Clear’ Link Between COVID Vaccine and Blood Clots in Brain

Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases – Study

Bay Area patient is the first MAN to develop a rare blood clot after getting vaccinated with J&J’s one-dose shot

Newscaster Slips Up On Live TV: ‘They’re Running Out Of People Who Want To Get Euthanized’ – More Doctors Warn Of ‘Demonic Depopulation’ And ‘Vaccine Bioweapons’

There are two videos in the above link. Be sure to watch the one at the bottom. The doctor speaking is a “tough talk” pediatrician who some may find offensive. Feelings are one thing. Facts are another.










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