The COVID Situation-It’s More Than A Health Issue

A couple of readers said they don’t want political information relating to COVID. While it’s a health issue, especially for older individuals,  we need to understand the relationship of COVID to the “Great Global  Reset” that few are aware of. COVID is indeed a political issue. It is in your own best interests to grasp the enormity of what’s happening.

What the Great Reset Will Really Do To You

If you have heard the term “Great Reset” in connection with COVID, this will tell you everything you need to know. You will understand the health-politics connection.  This is a very long article but it’s informative. Read it with an open mind.

Up to TEN European countries have suspended AstraZeneca Jabs after serious side effects

Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Italy have now opted to halt the use of the vaccine, creating more problems for Europe’s sluggish vaccine rollout. The halts follow incidents involving blood clots in patients who recently received the vaccine.

Video: Moderna boss: mRNA jabs are “rewriting the Genetic Code” we call it “information therapy”

Pfizer Package Insert for their vaccine

This is typical of the package insert that manufacturers place in every container of medication shipped to the pharmacy. As you can see, it’s long and complicated but you will be able to glean enough to understand potential benefits and side effects. If you don’t understand medical terms, Google the word(s) that may interest you.

Physician: Informed Consent For COVID Vaccine Requires Full Disclosure Of Risk & Liability, And Here It Is…

From the article: Carefully think about what it means.

  • mRNA:  Unlike a traditional vaccine, of injected, inactivated virus intended to stimulate antibody response, the COVID injection on the other hand is completely different in this respect.  It uses messenger RNA (mRNA), which is a blueprint for your cells to create COVID-like (spike) proteins.  Then your cells begin to make these COVID-like proteins.  However, those proteins, in turn, stimulate your body to make antibodies against them.  So now your body has been turned into a munitions factory for both sides of a war:  The bad guys (COVID-like spike proteins) and the good guys (the antibodies fighting against them).  However, before you pledge allegiance to the good guys, as you will see below, the good guys can be more lethal to the vaccinated person.



  1. Thank you, Barbara, for having the courage to accept the information. If only the public fully understood the depth of the lies and deception and about this situation, we would be in a much better place, in terms of our health and sovereignty. It is sad.

  2. Thank you, Barbara, for your courage and awareness in presenting this information. I applaud you!

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