The Covid Crisis And Control

I have a mask on which is printed, “It’s not about health, it’s about compliance”. If you believe as I do that there is more to COVID than sickness and death, then you may be interested in watching this 2014 video  by journalist Harry Vox. He’s a very excitable young man, and I’d say, with good reason. He cites information from the Rockefeller Foundation as it relates to the COVID crisis and it is unsettling. You can read for yourself the info he cites that is in this link to the Rockefeller document, Scenarios for the future of technology and International Development

The ultimate insanity in California: State  releases crazy “mandatory guidance” for private gatherings ahead of holidays

If you believe the “COVID crisis” is just about a virus, watch this news video. It demonstrates, among other things, why I and so many others have left California. You may laugh, but it’s not funny or even amusing. It’s about government power and control of the population. I will not give up my freedom for specious “safety” .

What is tragic is that Gov. Newsom, if he were  to run again,  WOULD be re-elected. There are THAT many crazy/revolutionary voters in California!  Now, it’s getting impossible to afford to live in what used to be the “Golden State”. Taxes go up each year in spite of passage of Proposition 13 (enacted at a saner time) that limited the amount of taxes the government could impose on your property.  I purchased a newer, same size home in Arizona and the yearly home tax is one-half of what it was in California, and people are not living in tents and cardboard boxes on sidewalks strewn with human waste and used needles.   Many  areas of California are a slum and nothing is done about it — except  impose and collect more and higher taxes.

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