The Cost Of Having What You Want

Pat Garner

While I’m a firm believer you can have whatever you set your mind to, having what you want usually involves “change” in some way. This is particularly true about change that is “good” for you Most people want to be healthy, right? They say they are willing to do some things in the interest of their health. However, most people are also comfortable with their familiar routines which are difficult to change and to be honest, there can be disadvantages to change.

Chances are you already know good reasons for a behavior change you have in mind, such as exercising more, quitting smoking, or eating healthier foods. On the other hand, chances are you also enjoy the status quo – a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, or eating unhealthy foods. You anticipate the downside to change and you experience conflicting motivations.  To simultaneously want or not want are normal and common. Consider the ambivalence in these statements:

“I need to lose some weight, but I can’t give up XYZ food.”

“I know I should exercise, but I don’t have time.”

“I should quit smoking, but I just can’t seem to do it.”

The telltale sign of ambivalence is the BUT in the middle.

People can and do get stuck with ambivalence. The argument on either side of the “but” cancels each other out, and so nothing changes.

Age Awareness and Resistance to Change

You can be the most disciplined person with all the willpower in the world, but let’s face it — we get to some magical age and decide we can eat what we want because it just does not matter anymore. Nothing is further from the truth.  Saying it doesn’t matter what we eat, especially as we age, can have serious health consequences when least expected and then we start wailing “Why is this happening to me????”  Taking care of your health doesn’t have a starting date or an expiration date and in reality starting NOW is the key to living a healthy longer life.

Using awareness of our age to do (or not do) anything is insanity and it’s even more insane when we allow  our age awareness to impair our future health. You can make a change in your health no matter where you are in life. It took me 60 years to figure it out and you can too. Just as I learned to be an advocate for my own health, you can do it too!

Blood Sugar Versus Calories – Which Matters More?

At my office, we have a jar of wintergreen lifesavers at our front desk. One of my coworkers is on some sort of “diet” which resembles low carb, but it’s really not. The service takes her money in exchange for boxes of processed bars and shakes with ingredients I can’t pronounce. Not a sustainable way to eat.  Anyway, as she walked passed my office she had to stop and justify why she had taken 2 of the lifesavers. They were her “reward” and it was to help with her perceived bad breath, which I didn’t notice. She deserved to have her 2 sugary treats. Nothing like justifying it’s only 10 calories each. The impact the sugar has on her insulin and blood sugar would tell the tale.

What we eat matters!  It’s basic biology and facts are the facts and for whatever reason, the mainstream medical community doesn’t want you to know (but that’s a subject/rant for another time). The medical profession behaves as if what we do or do not put into our body has nothing to do with our assorted ailments or premature aging. For example,

You have type 2 diabetes, here take a pill.

You have high blood pressure, here take a pill.

You have high cholesterol, here take a pill.

You have any medical symptom, here take a pill.

You’ve heard of the hormone insulin, right? Well insulin is the hormone that regulates our metabolism. Pretty simple. It’s also the fundamental hormone that promotes fat accumulation. Insulin is the storage hormone. Ample intake of food leads to the release of insulin. Insulin then turns on storage of sugar and fat. When there is not intake of food, insulin levels fall, and burning of sugar and fat is turned on.

In a previous article I admitted I’ve been on every single “diet” plan known to man. I’ve done them all. Some with great initial results and some with negative results. I’m not using the word diet like some temporary eating plan, but rather,  a sustainable eating protocol.

Bottom line:  Do you really think it makes sense to use your age or other excuse to keep you from doing what you know you should do for the benefit of your health? Decide now that you will do whatever it takes to improve your health in order to avoid becoming a burden on others in your old age. By the way, “old age” is not a disease. It’s the result of passage of time. What you do for yourself (or to yourself)  while time is passing is of paramount importance in determining whether or not you are vibrant and healthy for as long as you live. Love and value yourself enough to take charge of your health NOW!

Pat Garner holds certifications in Professional, Addiction & Recovery Coaching, is a Sedona Method Facilitator and a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer. Most recently, a number of her articles on addiction and wellness have been featured by the World Coaching Institute. She has earned the reputation as a dedicated leader and advocate of change.

During her own journey from addiction fifteen years ago, Pat discovered the world of holistic health and wellness that led to her adopt and promote a ketogenic lifestyle that has become an integral part of her mission to awaken people to their infinite potential so they can achieve lasting personal success in all areas of life. Pat invites reader comments and questions.

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