The Cost Of Eating What You Want

Pat Garner

While I’m a firm believer you can have whatever you set your mind to, this can also be a detriment…especially to your health…let me explain.

Have you ever said this to yourself? “It doesn’t matter what I eat anymore because I’m XX age and I deserve to eat what I want?” AKA I’ve earned like it’s another rite of passage. Seriously?

There’s a true health cost of eating what you want. Eating sugary, processes foods comes with a high price tag. There’s a cumulative effect of saying it doesn’t matter what I eat.

You can be the most disciplined person with all the willpower in the world, but let’s face it we get to some magical age and determine we can eat what we want because it just does matter anymore. Nothing is further from the truth.

Taking care of your health doesn’t have an expiration date and in reality,  starting NOW is the key to living longer. In a previous article I mentioned I’ve been on every single “diet” plan known to man. I’ve done them all. Some with great initial results and some with negative results. I believe eating a nutrient-dense properly prepared diet holds the much sought after magic bullet. I’m not using the word “diet” like some temporary eating plan, but rather a sustainable eating protocol.

I would love to get all geeky on what happens when we eat. I never thought I would enjoy knowing how the body works (must have gotten that gene from both my parents!) It’s taken me a long time to be so intrigued with how the body really works. What’s so interesting is its basic biology and the facts are the facts and for whatever reason, the mainstream medical community doesn’t want you to know.

You have type 2 diabetes, here take a pill or give yourself a shot.

You have high blood pressure, here take a pill.

You have high cholesterol, here take a pill.

You have any medical symptom, here take a pill.

You have heard of the hormone insulin, right? Well, insulin is the hormone that regulates our metabolism. Pretty simple. It’s also the fundamental hormone that promotes fat accumulation and storage. Insulin is also the storage hormone. Ample intake of food leads to the release of insulin. Insulin then turns on the storage of sugar and fat. When there is no intake of food, insulin levels fall, and the burning of sugar and fat is turned on.

When we’re young we think we’re invincible. We think can eat and drink what we want with no consequence. When I was a kid, kids weren’t fat. It just wasn’t the norm. Look at kids today and morbid obesity is at epidemic levels. These obese kids will be obese adults with underlying health issues. When I was a kid, we ate real food. We had a small organic garden with plenty of fresh veggies. We’d head to the local farm stand for fresh peaches, corn, and whatever else was being grown.

Now the norm is fast, chemically produced, genetically modified “food”??

Now we eat primarily “phony phood” and wonder why we are overweight with an assortment of diet-related illnesses that keep the pharmaceutical companies in business with their medicines, many of which would not be needed if we ate more sensibly.

In the end, be mindful of what you put in your mouth since it will come back and bite you!




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