The Challenges And Joys Of Adoption

Insight Into Adoption – 3rd edition – released August 2016

blomquist-adoption-coverThe adoption experience provides a unique look into life’s values, many of them very puzzling.  Once the logic of the experience of living in a family where members are not biologically connected is revealed, many issues that could be challenges turn into positive opportunities.  Adoptive parenting is different from biological parenting.  There are more challenges, and most are not explained to adoptive parents.  Once the logic of an adopted child’s thoughts and subsequent behavior is understood, adoptive parenting can become a cherished endeavor.

The author was encouraged to write this book to help adoptive parents better understand their children.  Many gratifying reviews have been written, but one from an adoptee says it best – “At last, I’ve read a book about adoption which explains why I think and feel the way I do.  I’m going to give this book to my parents so they will finally understand me.”


Embracing the Adoption Effect – released August 2015

embracing adoption-amazon shot is based on extensive interviews with adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents.  It relays 29 stories of how people touched by adoption have handled their lives with different perspectives and attitudes. In these interviews some said they revealed deeply personal feelings they never had revealed before, thinking no one cared about their challenges caused by adoption.

The strength and raw goodness of the human soul emerged over and over again in these interviews.  By sharing their life stories, those interviewed hoped to enlighten others on adoption’s life-long road.  They hoped their experiences would edify those outside the adoption world and make life a little smoother for those inside the adoption experience. Almost universally, those interviewed believed that because they are a part of the adoption world, they developed into deeper, more compassionate and tolerant people.  They felt they are far better individuals today because of their adoption experience.


About the author:

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Barbara Blomquist

Barbara Blomquist was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; attended Middlebury College in Vermont for two years, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. degree in Sociology and a minor in English.

After marriage and the arrival of one biological child, followed by two adopted children, Barbara became a home maker. Her husband’s job with Alcoa was responsible for the family moving from Milwaukee to Syracuse, then to Detroit, and eventually to St. Louis, Missouri where they now reside.

Barbara was involved at Epworth Children’s Home in St. Louis for 12 years. She began as a volunteer, then became a Board member, and eventually was hired as an employee on the executive staff serving as Director of Volunteer Services.  Later she became vice-president, treasurer, and a Board member of Learning Consultants, a children’s counseling service. In addition to her job, in both of these places, she initiated and coordinated support groups for adults and children touched by adoption.

Many years of consulting in the adoption field enhanced her desire and determination to inform adoptive parents of information those of her era did not have.  Encouraged by adoptive parents she was counseling at the time to “put something in writing”, she finally wrote her first book, Insight Into Adoption, which came out in 2001.  Encouraged by the positive response from this book, she followed up with two adoption related novels,  Randy’s Ride and Searching for Abby.  In 2009 her publisher released a 2nd edition of Insight Into Adoption.

In 2015, Embracing the Adoption Effect was released.  This book (through interviews with adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents) explores how the adoption effect impacts families. It shows the difference perspective and attitude can make in one’s life.

2016 brought a greatly expanded third edition of Insight Into Adoption. This third edition is an in-depth look into adoptive family life, explaining why adoptive parenting is different from biological parenting, and how the challenges can be turned into a fulfilling, joyous journey. It is updated and more complete giving the current generation of adoptive families the advantage of understanding the intricacies of adoption, something previous generations did not have.