Taking Care of the Inevitable

Lura Zerick

I did something last week that I’ve never done and I’m so glad that I did! I finished the plansfor my funeral service! I had intended to do it before but this is something that one can delay for any reason. The truth is, it is easier on everyone if this is taken care of before a death. That way, everyone, including the family and the funeral director, knows exactly what that person wanted and can act accordingly.

Many families are grieving and confused, no one has any idea what the person wanted, usually because they haven’t wanted to discuss it. It isn’t a scary subject; it is a realistic subject that needs to be attended to, not ignored. It won’t go away for any of us. Still, many refuse to talk about it. Some have a problem realizing that death is a part of life. It is much better for the family to know every decision has been made. Otherwise these might not be what that person wanted. We need to know these things. At this time, most of us would like to do what we believe that person would want. The only way to be sure is to discuss it and we then won’t have to guess. Regardless of what one does, death cannot be avoided.

I chose my casket (a beautiful cherry wood), I chose the main flowers, I told them no shroud; dress me in a favorite dress,(make sure my silver hair looks beautiful!).  I named the music I wanted, the pianist and the person to sing a special plus, of course, the ones who would speak.

YOU could make everything easier for your family if you would do the same. If they won’t talk about it,  do it and then give them the name of the funeral home. They will be glad later! Aside from saving the trouble of doing this at a painful time, they will realize how thoughtful you were for taking care of it! 

I am confident that mine will be a beautiful service; I admire and respect all those involved. To tell you the truth, I am literally looking forward to it.


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