Suckered By Sugar

cover SuckeredIt’s not a secret that for many years, refined sugar has been indicted as a contributing  or causal factor in many diseases, including cancer. Informed individuals have been warning about sugar just about forever. Back in the “dark ages” actress Gloria Swanson, best known for her role in the movie Sunset Boulevard,  traveled the United States, trying to warn about the dangers of refined sugar and helped to promote the book Sugar Blues written by her husband, William Duffy.

Countless authors since have written books trying to convince us that consuming refined sugar is ingesting poison. The interesting thing is that even today, when  anyone suggests sugar may be a causative agent in cancer, particularly breast cancer, that accusation is laughed off the planet as “not scientific”.

In spite of all the warnings that have existed since way back when, we all go on craving and eating sugar as if it’s the most innocuous substance that can be put into the body.

Perhaps a new book will help change the perception that refined sugar is harmless. The book is titled Suckered, by Dr. Jeffrey Eisenberg and Sandra Canosa. The case for condemnation of sugar made by the authors is sobering.

Suckered  reveals the shocking truth of how sugar has come to saturate our diets. The authors unveil this addictive toxin’s ability to wreak havoc on our biological systems, from diabetes to cancer, heart disease to dementia, hypertension to obesity, and more.

Suckered tells the story of how sugar became a dietary staple in societies all over the globe, and how a lack of government regulation allows it to dominate our food industries. Through well-established scientific research, a strong historical background, and interviews with several of Dr. Eisenberg’s patients, the two authors establish exactly why sugar is the reason behind our declining public health and rising healthcare costs.

I know how difficult it is to cut sugar out of the diet. It takes dedicated effort and a constant awareness of what sugar is stealthily  doing to undermine health.  Get a copy of the book and make the information work for you. You will be doing your health a huge favor.


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