Spring Cleaning

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

All of us are familiar with the term ‘spring cleaning’. At that time, we want to ‘clear out’ all the unnecessary items we have ‘put back’, thinking we might be able to use these. We could also call it clearing the attic, but I am speaking of the attic of our minds. Just as we store unused items in an attic or another storage area, we also store the memories of painful words or actions in the attic of our minds. We know that these things won’t ‘go away’; we also know that we are the only ones who can remove them. When we leave these ‘in place’, our lives are harmed by the effect of these memories. It is best when we learn to toss these out – or to ‘delete’ any negative things from our minds. Our future depends on it!

If we leave these items in storage, whether for days, months or even years, it takes only a thought to bring these to front and center stage. Our minds (attics)  are often full of such things that we no longer need, now or in the future. We can’t move forward in our lives as long as these negative thoughts are holding us back. The truth is that we can’t look forward to our future as long as we are holding on to the past.

Prayer and forgiveness are the only ‘cleaners’ available that will work. It isn’t easy but it can be done. It is the only way to smile into the future! It is your choice!

I know that I have been guilty of this; how about you? Do you continue to store these painful memories in the attic of your mind? These can take up space that is necessary for more needful items. Try to remember the happy events of your life. Everyone has good and bad memories; it is our decision which ones we decide to keep. Remember, these decisions will help to determine our future.

How can I know this, be so sure? From experience! I have learned that to dwell on the past, and all that happened then is a waste of time. Realize that you can’t get these years back! Turn loose of the past pains and give your efforts to being the one you were meant to be…NOW.  Don’t allow a big pile of hurts to change your future!  These can cause indescribable harm if allowed to stay in hiding and  grow. Clear these out, as you would an overcrowded room, and enjoy the gift of your days. You can learn to fill these hours with happier thoughts and experiences. Take it from one who learned and finally believed, your best years are in the future!


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