Short Shorts October, 2015

What Is Your Charm Quotient?

As a pharmacist I’ve spent most of my adult life telling people what to do and not do and it’s difficult to let go of that “I know what’s best for you” mindset. My new career in real estate requires me to be pleasant to a fault and certainly, I have to give up being blunt, which to me, is just being honest. My daughter, who is my charm mentor, reminds me that when I am told something patently false, I must not reply with “you are full of crap”. (Whew! that is definitely not charming, is it?) To help me get my head in gear, she instructed me to read The Power of Charm by Brian Tracy and Ron Arden. It has transformed my life. (Well, sort of) I practice faithfully to follow the advice in the book and I am getting better at it every day, using family members as guinea pigs. Frankly, they are sick of it, telling me I am full of crap, but I don’t care. I must learn to be charming at all cost. Read more here. Hopefully it will motivate you to improve your charm quotient.

Does Your Doctor Go The Extra Mile For You?

Does your doctor do a blood test to determine your level of Vitamin D3? If not, perhaps you should insist on it. A new study from UC Davis and Rutgers University shows Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency may have “substantial” accelerating effects on cognitive decline in the elderly. The approved dose of Vitamin D3 varies, from 400 IU daily to (gasp!) 1,000 units daily. The problem is, those doses may be inadequate for you. It is interesting that when mainstream medicine discusses adequate Vitamin D levels there is usually a cautionary tone that anything above 1,000 units daily may be harmful. (But probably not as harmful as many FDA drugs routinely prescribed)  I  take 10,000 units a day and blood work shows my D3 levels are just “adequate.” The takeaway from this study is simple:If your traditional doctor warns that taking “too much” Vitamin D may be harmful, ask how much is harmful, and why he considers it harmful and ask him to order a blood test. (Hopefully, he or she will know how to interpret the result) Educate yourself. Do some open minded research. Too much of anything can be harmful, so use common sense. Vitamin D3 capsules are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a prescription.

A Blood test for Vitamin D is available through the LIfe Extension Foundation for $47. (They do not take insurance) For more information, call 1-800-208-3444. Result is sent to you. LEF will discuss (not advise or treat) the result and/or you may consult with your physician about the result.

Be A Man!

This month I found an 86 page gem titled  Handbook  of Manly Quotes: Be A Man! edited by Max Strong. The quotes are appropriate not just for men, but for women and children. . There  are “Over 300 manly quotes about courage, attitude, hard work, triumph, defeat, leadership, dignity, respect, exploration, adventure, freedom, justice, perseverance, dissent, change, wisdom, war, action, sports, business and more.” It would make an ideal gift for Millenials who can’t seem to cope with life’s ups and downs and anyone else who needs a dose of inspiration.

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