Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Any and every relationship requires activity from at least two people in order to be ongoing and successful. These can include personal relationships, as marriage, friendships or kinfolk. In our business ventures, nothing will succeed unless all involved do their part. It is called ‘working together’ and is necessary.

Many marriages fail because of lack of communication. One or both mates refuse or don’t know how to discuss a problem. Some can’t talk about a problem without anger. Some just refuse a ‘need to talk’ at any time by stating ‘there is nothing to discuss.’ They don’t realize that the problem will get bigger rather than going away if they ignore it. A lesson to learn is that it is best to ‘get little things out’ instead of keeping these in our thoughts to simmer and grow larger. As long as BOTH are glad that they are together, there is a chance for success.

Arguments between siblings can often be resolved if they are willing to “talk about it”. Too many, however, refuse to ‘give in’ enough to work things out with words. They are ‘right’, regardless of whether they really are…so the issue remains between them, often separating brothers and/or sisters for years or even a lifetime. So ridiculous, when a few minutes of talk might diminish or do away with the hurt on both sides. ALL family members need to reach out to each other.

No friendship will survive unless each party keeps in touch by calling, writing or visiting. It hurts, and isn’t fair, for one to do all the reaching to the other. This is also very tiring, even painful, to realize that your ‘friend’ didn’t call, write or even e-mail in a year or two. What kind of friendship is that? A one-sided one that won’t last because it isn’t important to both.

Any problem between a parent and a son or daughter might be resolved by discussing the situation and trying to see and understand all angles. If this isn’t done, hurt and disappointment can grow into bitterness, another form of cancer. Refusing to ‘work it out’ can affect our physical and emotional health. We must remember that one can cause damage to the other. We can disagree and still care for each other…at the same time, each can have a different opinion.

NO business can or will succeed unless all partners are involved in the details necessary to continue opening the doors each day. These items must be discussed and agreed upon before becoming a ‘done deal’.  Sometimes there might be voting on an issue, a raising of hands around the table or a simple vocal yea or nay. Without an agreement of business officers, little or nothing will be accomplished. This will result in the closing of the business if one or two refuse to participate and/or do what they can in order for the business to be successful.

Every relationship, whether business partners, spouses or friends, demands that we be honest with each other. Dishonesty is the cause of too many problems in every walk of life yet many continue to tell lies, knowing that this will cause more problems. It is difficult to understand liars and no business will grow and succeed when dishonesty is involved. It might for a time but sooner or later the truth will be apparent.

Even our relationship with God cannot survive without our being active as we strive to have more understanding of spiritual things. We cannot expect to grow closer to Him with no effort. We must read, learn, pray and be willing to keep the relationship alive and growing. When we get closer to Him, He will get closer to us. We must react, one way or another; we are given a choice so the result depends on our decision concerning our spiritual relationship.

Each of us is in some kind of relationship. Our integrity is important; we must treat others the way we want others to treat us. Only in this way can we really succeed in life, whatever it brings. Don’t you agree?


Lura Zerick an 80-year-old great grandmother enjoys learning new things. Give her an Elvis song with a good beat and watch her go! Her favorite things are reading, listening to music, singing, cooking/baking, birds and words. She  enjoys 12 great grandchildren and 6 great grand children; loves to encourage them to cook, write and sing, as well as use their other abilities. She can be reached at

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