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Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Everyone who knows me understands that there is always a book within my reach. I don’t plan to change that because I read many hours every day and night. I’m sure that if I didn’t enjoy reading, I would have to learn how to twiddle my thumbs.  No way !!!

I am often reading two or three books at the same time. How and why? I find it convenient to read according to my mood. Today I might prefer a mystery;  tomorrow I might want to read a love story. As my mood changes, so does my reading material. To me this is normal; I do the same when listening to music. I might prefer rock and roll one morning, while listening to classical in the afternoon. Mood  determines choice.

Lately, I have had a few negative thoughts about books  – especially those that so heavy!!! At age 84, I find that I don’t like to constantly hold a book that weighs four pounds, with 1,100 pages. Normally I would finish that in two days, minimum. Meanwhile, I often put the book down for a moment – to rest my arms.  Ridiculous!

As an author, I appreciate my readers. As a reader, I want a book that holds my interest all the way through. I noticed, around page 600, that I was having trouble keeping up with the story. Some books have too many characters while others jump from action to action so fast that they literally throw me off. I say to myself, ‘wait a minute, what’s going on?’

Even famous authors, with several best-sellers to their credit, can go on and on about a point that is of no interest to me. It is as if they, too, lose their stream of thought.  I certainly don’t plan to stop reading but I must be even more choosy in the books I select.

It is almost a physical pain to be disappointed in a book – even more if the writer has been a favorite in the past. That happens, though; win some, lose some, I suppose.

I am also picky about what I read. Many books published today could be under the category of ‘light porn’.  Seems that sometimes gets an author on the best seller list. I realize that what I put in my pitcher will be what I pour out. I know all those words; might be able teach those authors a few. I have already decided, however, that I will write articles and/or books that uplift the readers. Life can get tacky sometimes and I believe that I serve a purpose in writing items that help the readers feel better about life…while they learn to appreciate it more. I like to add a little humor; all of us need every chance to enjoy laughter.

In most experiences, I have been there; I had to learn that life (right now) is what we have. It is a precious gift that many take for granted. Each of us has to learn – and choose – what we will do with it.

Reading, as with other activities, can teach us more about life; it is up to us to learn the things that would make our lives better – while we can.


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