Politicians And Media Personalities Don’t Care If Women Look Stupid

Tatyana Wilson, Ed. S.

Hey, there! Let me start with a dumb question: do you see a lot of scantily clad women on C-SPAN? Of course not. If women want to get anything done on Capitol Hill, they have to play by the rules! Then why don’t the same politicians that demand that we should all be able to wear whatever we want, identify as whatever we want, and be as outlandish as we want not actually do and wear the same things as those constituents they’re trying to please?

You see, they’re playing politics. They’re pandering to outlandish celebrity influencers in order to get votes. On the inside, they actually know that wearing overtly-sexual clothes and acting outlandish doesn’t garner any respect or clout.

This is why there is a very particular set of guidelines for anyone who works for their Capitol Hill Staffers Explain DC’s Complex Dress Codes  Plenty of studies have long proved the relationship between being dressed overtly sexy and not having the respect of colleagues. They all know this!

But, It’s Okay For You

They’re okay with it for their constituents, but not for themselves. They’re like bad parents who know that they really are supposed to foster some semblance of good habits in their kids, but they’re too scared their kids might get mad at them if they correct them. It just so happens that this is a huge trend in society anyway — we have way too many parents afraid to tell their teenage daughters to put on decent clothing, just like we have too many politicians who are embracing and parading around celebrities that influence immoral behaviors.

They think they’re doing this out of love and acceptance. But, let me tell you a sad little reality: love that can’t face difficult decisions or say things that are difficult to say for the benefit of the other person isn’t love: it’s selfishness and self-preservation.

Why does this matter?

It’s not because I like to preach about being modest or because I’m a prude. I have a great life and don’t feel like I need to control anyone. I actually feel sad about the backward direction women have taken in the last 20 years when it comes to true empowerment. Women feel powerful when they gain sexual recognition, but this power is quite superficial and illusive. Anyone who becomes addicted to the countless cosmetics procedures and surgeries available these days to make us look ever-more youthful and sexy can tell you that it’s a never- ending cycle. There are always new products and procedures coming out with increasingly fantastic claims that people get sucked into.

By the time we hit our mid-30s, if we don’t have a self-confidence built on personal substance and the value/service we provide, we’re actually extremely vulnerable to self-confidence issues as age begins to take its toll. This is why dressing for success is a real topic. People judge one another (sometimes very harshly). Don’t fall for the celebrity influencers’ and politicians’ lies that we will have respect no matter how we dress. It’s a huge lie. Look at how politicians dress: suits, ties, jackets, proper shirts… the list goes on and we all recognize the “uniform”.

A man doesn’t always have to dress in a suit and tie, but he shouldn’t stray too far from the gold standard. For women,  dress in great colors that flatter your skin-tone, get some nice tailored jackets, shirts, pants, and skirts, use some sophisticated accessories, and above all dress with respect in mind. Check out my Amazon idea list on Classy Casual. You can use many of these things for  your work and personal wardrobe.

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