Joyce Shafer

Joyce L. Shafer

Wait . . . what? As a kid, some adult likely told you, “Don’t slam the door.”

Maybe you’ve noticed it’s getting “interesting” out there. What’s that have to do with doors? Look at what we’re being asked (sometimes compelled) to think, say, and do these days, like to call truth “relative” and to call what’s evil good and what’s good evil. All are trapdoors, with eternal repercussions. And each door opens you and your loved ones to . . .  Let me not get ahead of myself.

Russ Dizdar, author of Expelling Darkness and other books, has 40 years of up-close-and-personal experience dealing with more than most of us ever imagined is real, though all of it is included throughout the Bible (e.g., Ezekiel 8, book of Acts). He said, “When supernatural deception takes hold of a person, they cannot…CANNOT see the truth,” and paraphrasing him: God never intended His sons and daughters to, after 30+ years, still be in third grade spiritually. (Ouch.)

I promise every reader that what’s included in this writing is not done by me as some sanctimonious Christian passing judgment. I care—because we’re always one breath from where we’ll spend eternity. As a former New-Ager for almost four decades, like all indoctrinated New-Agers, I firmly believed I was “way more advanced” than those “backward Christians.” Me, Myself, and I knew the truth, the “truth” the Movement wanted me to believe and espouse, and did I ever. I was one of the Woke ones of the Movement, though a softer version than what’s happening these days.

Are you easily deceived? When Jesus began His ministry, He instructed us to repent and turn from our sins to God. One of His last instructions, before ascending to the right hand of the Father, was for us to watch out so we aren’t deceived. How easy it is to deceive those who know little to none of what God instructs us through Scripture or who’ve never researched deeper than what’s on a page. I’d never read the entire Bible, until God called me to Him in 2016. New Age philosophy is, If you’re going to read it, you don’t need to read all of it, just the parts you agree with. And this means CONTEXT of precept upon precept doesn’t exist for such readers. They don’t understand that Jesus is the God of both Old and New Testaments, which means they also don’t understand the New Testament did NOT do away with the Old: It built upon it. I was easily, happily New-Age deceived; the deception gave me permission to sin and a catalog of options to choose from.

A Stunning Revelation: When the Bible mentions the Courts of Heaven, God’s Law (Torah), Judgment Seat, Judgment Day, and calls Satan the Accuser and Jesus our Advocate, these are legal terms. The Accuser has a legal right to go after us when we open doors to him, because there is a LITERAL, albeit supernatural, legal system in place: It’s NOT a metaphor. This is why God repeatedly commands us to obey Him, with and sometimes without explanation. Obedience to His loving instruction keeps doors closed that would give legal rights to demons to affect us and our families. How do you know what’s a door and what isn’t? First, get a good Bible and read it cover to cover, Old and New Testaments, like the whole Book God meant it to be. Second, I’m going to give you a list that’s extensive but, remarkably, not all-inclusive, as well as some other resources that will provide additional, significant information.

Know this: The Truth will set you free—but, first, it may tick you off. I can pretty much promise that will happen for a number of you, including Christians, because as stated on page 15 in Constance Cumbey’s book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism, “Hiding behind an aura of undeserved respectability, the New Age Movement has managed to actively recruit many unsuspecting Jews and Christians to work for their own destruction.” This includes religious leaders.

“To be unaware of the dark side is evidence of biblical illiteracy and spiritual defeat,” wrote Russ Dizdar. He also said, “In every case of believing a lie, whether you know it or not, you have to reject the Truth.”

Everything listed below, New Age or not, opens doors to demons. Some doors are meant for mature audiences and can be found in Sheila Zilinsky and Pastor Carla Butaud’s book, Power Prayers: Warfare That Works, where even more doors to demons are listed than you might imagine. Also included in the book are spiritual causes-and-effects regarding health, finances, relationships, and more, as well as prayers to close those doors. I suggest you read every page, even if you think something doesn’t apply to you: We are commanded by God to stand in the gap via prayer for others.

Here goes . . .

EVERY Sin, Transgression, and Iniquity stated by God as such in Scripture; ALL Occult and Pagan Religions and Practices; Pantheism; Mother-Earth or Gaia Worship, including the new Climate Change religion that puts the creation above the Creator; Astral Projection and the Silver Cord; Akashic Records; Levitation; Meditation; Kabala (however you choose to spell it); Enneagram; Using Mind-Altering Drugs Including Pot (called Sorcery in the Bible, from the Greek “Pharmakeia”) or Alcohol Abuse; ALL Gender Confusion Forms; Pornography; Foul and Obscene Language and Jokes/Memes; Anger; Hatred; Grudges; Bitterness; Adultery (real or imagined); Sex Out of Wedlock (the Power Prayers book lists more specifics about sex); All Forms of Divination including Ouija Board (and the False-Christian Angel Board churches now use), Card Reading, including Tarot, Angel, Medicine, Playing Cards, and so forth; Runes; Astrology; Numerology; Fortune-Telling, including Palm Reading and Phrenology; Hypnosis; Yoga (every single pose is dedicated to a pagan god, aka demon, not to mention the Kundalini Serpent Energy); Martial Arts (all forms); ESP; Telepathy; Psychometry; Telekinesis; Auras and Kirlian Photography; Remote Viewing; Gossip; Lying; Lewd Literature and Poetry; Pride including Reverse Pride (aka Woe-Is-Me); Membership in ANY Secret Society (you or any generation in your family); Idols and Charged Objects such as Exotic Masks, Souvenirs, Statues, and other items bought or gifted to you (even at garage or yard sales); All Occult Books and Occult-Related Objects such as Candles, Crystals, Charms, Talismen, Symbols, Sigils, and so forth;  and this includes anything Harry Potter (I’d read all the books 14 times); New Age Items like Jewelry, Artwork, and so forth; Silva Mind Method (formerly called Silva Mind Control); All Blood Oaths (including becoming a blood brother, and especially Abortion—the one who gets it, who performs it, who goes with the person or drives her there, etc.); All Body Piercings, including the ears; Tattoos; Eastern Mysticism including Reincarnation, Karma, Past-Life Regression, Transcendental Meditation, Soul Travel, Mantras, Tantra, Chakras, Visualization including Money-Lover and so forth; Spirit Guides; Ascended Masters, Avatar Training; Yin/Yang, and so forth; Pagan Holidays (all of them but ESPECIALLY Halloween—Satanists laugh at every Christian who celebrates their god one day a year), including their Magical Beings like Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Gnomes, Devas, and so forth (not one of these has anything to do with God, see the Bible for HIS FEASTS, but EACH celebrates a god/goddess/demon); Maypoles and dancing around them (represents Nimrod’s phallus children wrap ribbons around); Goddess Worship; Nearly All Music Forms (what do you hear and feel?); New Age Music, Videos, Books, and Magazines; Holistic Health including Color, Music, and Light Therapies, Pushing Chi, Bodywork, Reiki, Biofeedback, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, BreathWork, Iridology; Pagan gods, Symbols, and Objects; Drumming; Law of Attraction; New Age-Based Positive Thought/Thinking (pray for discernment because even religious leaders teach it); Guided Imagery, Meditation, and Visualization; ReBirthing; EST; Course in Miracles; All New Thought/New Theology churches; Mediums (who actually talk to demons, not the deceased); Dousing; Sensory Deprivation Tanks; MerKaBa; I Ching; All New Age and Initiation Rituals; Telepathy; Chain Letters/Memes of Any Kind, especially those that mention God or link God and Good Luck . . . and I’ll stop there.

As I said, extensive but not all-inclusive. Did you keep count of how many you’ve done, even in complete innocence, at any age? My personal list is lengthy. Any happening at a church near you?

When God got my attention, first, I went onto my knees and repented. Second, I thanked God for rescuing me (and not taking me out of this world before I could repent and be saved through Jesus’ finished work on the cross). Third, I asked Him to have His Holy Spirit continue to teach me, which happens to be one of God’s promises in the Bible. Fourth, I Cleaned Out Every Single Item I Knew Was An Offense To Him. Seriously. I didn’t sell or give any of it away: I destroyed all of it. No matter the cost. “And a number of those who had practiced magical arts brought their books and burned them in front of everyone. When the value of the books was calculated, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas.” – Acts 19:10

As I mentioned earlier, it’s getting interesting out there. In fact, it’s getting biblical. So I ask you: Please, Slam the Doors Shut and turn to God for His guidance! To assist you further, here are some video links you may wish to check into:

Pastor Shane Idleman (Wow! Please watch this 50-min. video):

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Any of Pastor J.D. Farag’s Bible Prophecy Update Videos (How close is the Rapture?):

Pastor John Kilpatrick’s prophetic sermon (Will you fall for the Great Deception?):

Jamie Walden’s Testimony (When he covers the portion about God telling him to go to Iraq… It’s a story worth hearing):

Pastor Mark Driscoll:

Steven Bancarz’s videos (Successful New Age Guru to Christian):

The Great Reset: You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy (Hmm…):


June 2021


  1. Judith LeBlanc says

    Awesome and very timely article. Especially in light of where we are in the timeline leading directly into the final days before the Great Tribulation Period. Man has been reading about it in the scriptures for over 2,000 years. Now we are entering into it. It is time to get deadly serious about this period in time, if you aren’t already. Time to slam every door closed that would lead to destruction instead of salvation. Thank you, Joyce, for making this very clear, and for listing all the great resources for more information and guidance. Now it is time for action and prayer. Lots of prayer.

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