Patience, Privacy, and Pride

Lura Zerick

What a combination patience, privacy and pride bring when an older person is living with adult children and grandchildren! It is a challenge and takes determination and love from all

who are involved. For a few more months I will be sharing my home in the woods with a daughter and her two youngest children, ages 13 and 7. I have stopped referring to these six acres as ‘my quiet place’ because it isn’t that at this time. It is definitely a noisy place with something always adding to the din. Though I love dearly those who live with me, sometimes,

at age 80, I want to run away!

At the same time, I enjoyed the chuckle those words brought! It has been awhile since I ‘ran’ any place; I don’t even know if I can still run. In my early teens I could run faster than two of my older brothers. Anyway, imagining this silver-haired lady carrying a small bag (can’t be too heavy!) and ‘going away to find myself’ brings almost a belly laugh! I like that!

Patience, along with the love I mentioned, plays a big part of sharing a home. When the kids get home from school, as soon as a snack is finished, homework begins. Every day my daughter spends from one to two hours helping the children with homework. Her health isn’t good after a recent surgery and she isn’t able to work at this time. Both children are on the “A” Honor Roll. Both are fantastic readers. Even in Kindergarten, her son read like a 3rd grader! I applaud my daughter for giving her time because I know that many parents either won’t or can’t help with homework. This makes a lot of difference in the grades they bring home! I am very proud of them!

To a degree, privacy has walked out the door. I can’t walk around all comfy as I did in the past. The phone rings constantly; the refrigerator door is open and you wouldn’t believe the appetite of a 7-year-old! He is very entertaining, loves music, sings in the shower, dances to his own tune. At T-ball, many months ago, he was way down the field waiting for a possible ball to come flying at him, in his own world, singing and dancing, totally unaware of what was going on at bat. The ‘team’ could only bat the ball twelve or fifteen feet if they hit it at all, so there was no possibility that a ball could interrupt my grandson’s act.

The granddaughter is getting ready for the basketball team this year, with practice already in full swing. She is talented enough and tall enough to be a prime player. Having a hoop up to practice at home has been a huge help! She reads books during her free time.

Along with my freelance writing and happy that my 5th book has been released, I average reading 5 books per week. At 80, I don’t have months to spend waiting on publishers so I will be putting four more books on Kindle as soon as I get everything arranged.

I have learned that we can enjoy life regardless of what it throws at us. I like the NOW of my life and certainly don’t want to be young again! Young at heart, yes, but not in years. Maybe I can adjust to the noise or at least learn to simply tune it out!! That is one of the talents one learns with age.

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Lura Zer­ickis an 80-year-old great grand­mother. I enjoy learn­ing new things. Give me an Elvis song with a good beat and watch me go! My favorite things are read­ing, lis­ten­ing to music, singing, cooking/baking, birds and words. I enjoy my 12 great grand­chil­dren and 6 great grand chil­dren; love to encour­age them o cook, write and sing, as well as use their other abil­i­ties. I can be reached at

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