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Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Many are concerned about predators of children and this is good.. Few seem to realize there are also predators of old folks, too.  I won’t ever understand those who want something for nothing. I am warning others near my age that predators are out there, just waiting for a chance to outsmart some older person, to take what they have.

I was reminded of this recently when I joined a seniors dating site for three months. Evidently these sites, which might bring people together, are also hunting grounds for predators.  I give out very little information but a real pro can learn to target a possible victim. An ‘old lady’ who is alone might be the one predators search for. Let me share how it might go.

There are often photos to give an idea of how people look. I don’t think this is the main thing but looking good helps. At first there will be posts of simple information, like personal likes and/or dislikes. Nothing serious. The would-be predator, however often rushes things; by the fourth or fifth post, he already ‘cherishes’ you. He has looked for you for years; please, let’s meet and get to know each other better.

If you continue, he lets you know that he can, if you agree, move into your house and live happily ever after. (Remember, YOU HAVEN’T MET HIM YET.) If you continue the messages, even out of curiosity, you will be even further shocked.  As he grows bolder and more sure that he has ‘found his mark’ then he brings up the real subject — probably the reason he has ‘spent time’ with you — THEN,  he exposes his real intention with this message: “We have not discussed income and investments”. UH, OH, TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF AND RUN !!!

This is the purpose of his being so ’friendly’ all the time, reminding you that “we must be honest with each other.”  It sounds great, right? No!! he has not been ’honest’ from the start!! He has a purpose and that is to ’sweet-talk’ you out of whatever you have.

I was upset, even angry, that I, who has known too many liars, did not spot this right away. These ’con-artists’ are smooth…very smooth. Like so many other elders I joined that singles site out of boredom and loneliness but I learned a lot with this one.

I told him, “I don’t have any investments and I’m not discussing my income with a stranger”. I closed the program and unsubscribed from the site. By now he is ’cherishing’ someone else.

I write this to warn others my age. Please be careful. I also decided that if God has an older man for me, He will bring him to me.  LESSON LEARNED!!!

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