Nothing Beats a Bargain


Carole Bertuzzi Luciani

It’s gotta be genetic. It could very well be the part of our DNA that sniffs out, searches for, and ultimately spends money on anything, all in the effort to save money and brag about it.

You have to admit it is fun even if you’ll never use the 20 litre jar of maple syrup or consume the party pack of potpourri that you had to stop putting out because it looks edible and the kids kept reaching for it. 

My husband once came home proudly hoisting a 25-pound bag of sugar purchased at the Price Club. To his disappointment I made him return it. Based on our use of sugar we would be collecting our pension before it was consumed. Besides, we have no place to store it in our crowded little bungalow. It’s just too easy to be overzealous with supersized offers. 

But the real joy lies in both the hunt and the finish. The peak of exhilaration is achieved at the checkout when the final amount is tallied after asking for a reduction because of a flaw, claiming your senior’s discount status, using the coupon ripped from yesterday’s paper and finally uttering “what if I paid cash (an Italian favourite)?” 

When my Mom worked at Sears she never drew a wage because she received it all in purchased goods. It was a regular occurrence for her to return home laden with bags. She’d dump each one while reciting the statement of savings to us which included her employee discount. Finally one of us would drone “Ma just tell us. How much did they pay you to take it?” 

We all have a great savings story. Take the super consumers who strategize their shopping excursions with a highlighted map in hand of every outlet mall from here to Georgia (I only used that state because it was just mentioned in a song I’m listening to) with clipped coupons attached. My mother and sister fall into this category. She took our son Vince cross border shopping from when he was six months old to age 20 … only so that they could claim his ‘purchasing power’ at the border. Sadly, because of the annual experience, he too, is possessed with the shopping gene in size XL and in every colour. 

Another trait attributed to the super shopper is the one that does not allow acceptance of a compliment. Oh no. Someone casually asks “Is that a new shirt”? Rather than simply saying “yes” it is quickly defected by adding, “Oh it’s the best story. We were shopping in Michigan at one of those outlet malls. Went into TJ MAx and you know in the states how they’re not afraid to mark it down until it’s gone. WELL, it started out at $119.99 and by the time they rang it up it was $6.99. It’s not the greatest fit for my body and it’s not really a colour I should wear but heck you can’t beat it. Besides if I only wear it a dozen times I can get it down to 50 cents a wear. It’s like it’s disposable.” 

Okay, so I might be one of those people. But let me tell you about the capri pants my friend just picked up for me at Sears. Great silvery grey colour. Nice sheen. Perfect pull up style with flattering wide waist band to hold the belly in. The best part is the stretch fabric. I was excited to receive them even if it is mid winter. As she handed them over she started her story: She paid $1.80. Her only regret was it wasn’t ‘Super Sears Savings Day’. 

Analyzing the drastic price reduction (typically foreign to retail stores in Canada) we figured it had to have been the sizing … 16 PETITE … clearly an oxymoron. Unless of course they’re not capris at all but merely intended for shorter legs. It doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to wear them, wait for someone to notice then gleefully share the story. #



Carole Bertuzzi Luciani is a professional speaker known as ‘The Moodivator’. As an author of a self published book I have a story for you, Musings of the Moodivator as well as the writer of over 150 posted blogs, her goal is to apply a gentle tickle to your funny bone. Her sidewalk view of the world is a familiar one guaranteed to make you sit back and see yourself in it.

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