A Cluster of Cancers

A Cluster of Cancers

A Cluster of Cancers

Sooner or later, everyone is touched by someone who is struggling with cancer — a friend, neighbor, co-worker, acquaintance, or family member. The latest report says that one half of men, and one third of women in the USA, will receive a diagnosis of cancer sometime in their lives.

A Cluster of Cancers: A Simple Coping Guide for Patients by Dr.Sherry L Meinberg is different from other cancer books, in that it doesn’t speak to the readers’ specific medical conditions (as there are well over 200 different cancers). It focuses on the mindset of patients, and how they can become participants in their own healing process.

The author includes her own cancer experiences and she often has a different take on things, a different slant, which may raise eyebrows or ruffle some feathers. This open minded approach makes this book particularly appealing.

She tells about a 46-year-old neighbor who announced at a party that he had been diagnosed with cancer, with only six weeks to live. As a result of the diagnosis, he seemingly gave up. He sat in his house, and waited for the end to come. Sure enough, six weeks later, he died, having done little to counteract or improve his situation. He believed he would die. The author wants want readers to feel optimistic about their futures; to embrace life; to know that the journey y is just as important as the destination.

A Cluster of Cancers: A Simple Coping Guide for Patients brings a positive approach to a scary subject and shows how readers can participate in their healing process along with their treatments.

Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg has been an educator for over 50 years. A Cluster of Cancers is her thirteenth nonfiction book. She is approaching her eighth year as a cancer survivor.

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