New Beginnings

Lura Zerick

The beginning of a new year gives me the same feeling as Spring; it is a time for ‘new beginnings’. First of all, I thank God for giving me the beginning of a new year, then I try to loosely organize the things I would like to accomplish within that year, or whatever time I have. I might not finish all of the ‘list’ but this will give me something to work toward, a worthwhile goal to fill my days.

I am one who must have a goal. Without something to aim for, I would be simply there, with no purpose to fill my day. That idea doesn’t work for me and I imagine it doesn’t work for others. Without a goal, there is nothing to do. We can twiddle our thumbs for a short time and then what?

I realize that we need time to do the daily things that are necessary plus time to enjoy our families with special activities. This is understood but what about the other times? With nothing in mind, time goes slow, 24/7 can leave us with no sense of purpose and this can drag us down into depression. This is too easy when we see no reason to be here. Therefore, we need to wake up to the possibilities of all we can accomplish with the abilities each has been given.

YOU can do things that I cannot; each of us can do certain things well. When we do those things, not only we, but others, can be helped and encouraged. We need each other, whether or not we admit it. By linking our efforts we help each other, probably never knowing those we helped. This is as it should be.

Whatever your special talent is, do it! This would be the things you enjoy doing more than other things. All of us must do things we don’t especially like to do but that is life. For instance, chuckle if you want, but I don’t like to make a bed. It seems to take forever when I get clean sheets out to put on my bed…BUT it is a necessary thing to do. You might not like to hang clothes in the closet but again, all of us must do these things.

Along with things we don’t like to do, there are those things that we enjoy doing. All these ‘things’ make up our days and give us opportunities to experience a sense of accomplishment that has no price. To be open to ideas – and to be able to make these become a reality gives us a terrific sense of accomplishment.

Age has nothing to do with this; we can be young or old and still do things that will help others as well as ourselves. We must have the ‘urge’ to do something or nothing gets done. That means that many are waiting for us (me and you) to do the things we can; their response might depend on it. Let this be your ‘goal’ – to do whatever it is that you can do to encourage others to do the same. This might even be your ‘new beginning’.


Lura Zerick an 82-year-old great grandmother enjoys learning new things. Give her an Elvis song with a good beat and watch her go! Her favorite things are reading, listening to music, singing, cooking/baking, birds and words. She  enjoys 12 great grandchildren and 6 great grand children; loves to encourage them o cook, write and sing, as well as use their other abilities. She can be reached at 



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