Naturopathic Cancer Treatments

Bronner Handwerger, NMD

Dr. Bronner Handwerger, NMD

I want to share with you the role naturopathic medicine can play in supporting and/or complimenting conventional medicine. When it comes to cancer, the belief in conventional medicine is that anything that removes or reduces the tumor is good, even if it weakens the body in the process. Since practitioners of complementary medicine focus on the cause of the tumor, they believe that anything which helps the body eliminate the tumor is progress.

In the treatment of cancer, conventional medicine includes surgery, chemotherapy (the use of drugs), and radiation. By contrast, complementary therapy includes nutritional supplements, enzymes, diet, detoxification, change in life style, stress control, prevention, and biofeedback. Which is best? That depends on one’s view regarding the nature of cancer. Conventional practitioners view cancer as the tumor, whereas Naturopathic doctors see the tumor as merely the symptom of the cancer.

The immune system is the body’s front-line defense against cancer. Although there have been some notable improvements in chemotherapy and radiation technologies, these approaches impact the immune system and many believe they can actually cause cancer if one does not detoxify the body and rebuild the immune system after these approaches are used. Typically nutritional supplementation and other forms of complementary therapies help to strengthen the immune system and help the body to overcome cancer.

Practitioners of conventional medicine are in the majority, and patients are well informed about these options. Many patients, however, are often not aware of complementary therapies.

Some of the complementary therapies that can be used in the treatment of cancer include:

Nutrition – to boost the immune system, to increase natural mechanisms for eliminating the tumor, and to prevent re-occurrences. Typically this includes nutritional supplements, intravenous protocols (such as high doses of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and immune support nutrients), and diet (such as frequent raw vegetable juices, whole grains, legumes and elimination of foods which feed cancer and weaken the immune system).

Enzymes – to facilitate the breakdown of the protective coating around cancer cells and to support healthy metabolic processes.

Oxygenation – to bring vital energy to the cells, reverse tumor growth and facilitate the elimination of pathogens (fungi, bacteria and viruses) which may be weakening the immune system.

Detoxification – to eliminate substances which may be burdening the immune system, compromising metabolic processes and blocking energy flow (e.g. heavy metals, pesticides, environmental toxins, and metabolic wastes). This may take the form of herbal and nutritional products that open up the elimination channels (liver, kidney, colon, and urinary system), colonics, detoxification diets, and IV protocols.

Emotional Healing – to eliminate toxic emotions and memories somatically ingrained in the body. This may take the form of counseling, emotional release therapies, deep breathing, Reiki, homeopathy, or bodywork.

Tumor Targeting and Immunotherapy – to aggressively reduce the tumor size. This may take the form specific therapies that strive to increase certain antibodies specifically T and Tn Antigen Therapy that targets cancer cells and helps the immune system recognize the tumors.

Life Style Change and Stress Control – to assist the individual in making the necessary changes in their life structure and belief system to minimize stress.

Spiritual Connection – to re-connect the individual with their purpose for being alive and to strengthen their will to live. This may take the form of prayer, meditation, or spiritual counseling.

There is no doubt that cancer is a difficult diagnosis and even tougher illness to fight. Complimentary treatments are designed to look at the whole you, the root of the issues and to treat the whole person, not just your cancer. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and would like to explore treatment options, I would be delighted to meet with you and discuss how we can work together to keep you naturally healthy.

Dr. Bronner welcomes questions of a general nature. Please use the comment box below or contact Dr. Bronner directly at  He is available on a limited basis for phone consultations. Call his office for details: 858-254-5433  Visit his website for more information.


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