My Personal “Hydration” Story

Barbara Morris

I recently made a discovery I’d like to share with you about the power of sufficient hydration and the value of hyaluronic acid (HA).

About hydration: I work with a naturopath to maintain my health and part of the program is that I get a blood test about 3 times a year to determine what’s going on in my body and the overall state of my health. More times as not, when something isn’t up to par,  I am told it was because I wasn’t sufficiently hydrated. I think I drink plenty of water, but what I think is “plenty” and what my body considers “plenty are two different things.

I decided to bite the bullet and really get serious about drinking more water. I have found it takes a deliberate effort.  You can’t wait until you feel thirsty.  I don’t know if it will show on my next blood test but I can tell you this: Really adequate hydration positively affects the appearance of the skin. As evidence, I noticed the back of my hands. The appearance of the skin overall has changed — it’s looking waaaay more youthful. I had always assumed the dry appearance of my hands was age related, or because I have my hands in water a lot, or because I was not using a moisturizer often enough.

As part of my new water routine, in addition to my usual (and increased)  water intake, every day I drink a bottle (33.8 ounces) of Smart Water  (from Costco)  to which I add a packet of electrolytes called Electrolyte Supreme  (from Amazon) which helps with hydration.  It’s lemon flavored, zero calories and sugar free.

Speaking of skin appearance brings me to cosmetic creams and lotions designed to hydrate the skin. So called “moisturizers” are integral to just  about every cosmetic skin care line as well as miscellaneous products sold at the drug store. Women are told they must “moisturize” and to accomplish that, they must use one or more  cosmetic products daily or multiple times a day.  Certainly, external application will help appearance temporarily but in my opinion, the ideal way to moisturize your skin is primarily from the inside out.

The “Magic” Of Hyaluronic Acid

Then there is hyaluronic acid (HA). If a skin care line has an HA product, it is sold as the ultimate way to improve the appearance of the skin.  Does topical application help? Sure– but it’s not the best way to improve skin appearance, based on my experience.

I had always understood the value of HA, because it is similar to a substance that occurs naturally in the joints and is injected into the knee joint to provide pain relief and help mobility but I had never found an HA product made for oral use that actually was helpful.

As luck would have it, I found a hyaluronic acid (HA) product called Synthovial Seven (S7).  I take a dropperful every day and it quickly resolved an issue I had been having with a cranky knee that lets me know when exercising that it needs some lubrication. It has had a “wow” effect like I never expected. I haven’t had an issue with my knee since I’ve been taking it.

If you would like to know why I’m so excited about this product, I’m providing a 16-page booklet that tells just about everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid — it’s not “fluff” advertising — it’s solid information. Here is the link if you would like to download it. If you would like just a summary page about the product, here is the link for that.

One more thing about Synthovial Seven (S7): If you like cosmetic creams containing HA, I have found that Synthovial S7 mixes easily with my favorite cosmetic moisturizer.

More “Skin Magic”

One more thing: I’ve mentioned it before but I never tire of recommending vitamin C to maintain the integrity of the skin. I’ve taken mega doses of a non acidic form of vitamin C for decades. I find it interesting that most upscale cosmetic companies feature a special line of vitamin C products as a major way to improve skin appearance. (Adrien Arpel never fails to tout the benefits of her vitamin C line of cosmetic creams and lotions.) Many women love vitamin C lotions and creams, but they can penetrate the skin just so far. Therefore,  I prefer to get my vitamin C “treatment” from the inside out. The product I take is Non-acidic Calcium Ascorbate Soluble Fine Crystals, product # 84b available from It dissolves quickly in water and is tasteless.

The above is my personal hydration opinion and experience.  What I do to help myself may not help or be right for others.

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