Memory Block


Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Even when we are young, we hear that our memories gradually fail as we get older. We are certain that problem is far down the road and we are sad for those who are there now. In our earlier years, we had no idea that time seems to go much faster as we age. We are often so busy ‘living’ that we seldom think about it. We will face that problem when we get there!

I believe that I might have at least one answer for that problem. In my experience, don’t ask me what I ate for supper last night. I can, however, give you details of events that happened fifty or sixty years ago. How is that possible and why does it happen? The answer seems obvious to me: our memories are blocked by trivia !!!  Doesn’t that make sense to you?

(Getting back to the word, ‘supper’; this was our evening meal. I realize that many call this ‘dinner’ and that is their choice. I like and prefer the word supper. We always ate together, which doesn’t happen often now. Every family member is busy doing his or her ‘own thing’. Each might have a different time of ‘getting home’, which can upset the family schedule. Whatever the reason, too many families don’t ‘have time’ to enjoy meals together.)

The last two paragraphs are good examples of what I am trying to share. I jumped from ‘memory’ to ‘meals’. So, even as I enjoy basically ‘good health’ at 85, I also suffer the ‘trivia syndrome’. I allow other details to flood into my thoughts, which might be confusing to others but makes ‘perfect sense’ to me. Got it??

This seems to be a normal, natural process. We might not even realize that we do these things – or we might be ‘well aware.’ This habit of many is not ‘world threatening’; we could have much bigger or deeper problems. I simply don’t worry about it but accept this ‘new wrinkle’ as part of life. If I chose, I could ‘worry’ constantly about even such a small thing. Some seem to enjoy their ‘worries’. I, however, choose NOT TO WORRY. If I am dissatisfied with any detail, I change it if I can. When this is not possible, I simple ‘delete’ the matter. We can do only what we can do and go on from there.

This attitude brings more simplicity to life! What about you? Do you allow every little detail to ‘worry’ your gift of hours and days? Are you too concerned about things you cannot change? Everyone probably does this at some time.   Even that won’t get onto my ‘worry chart’ because I will toss away anything that might bring a cloud over my days. This is something that is learned over a time period, definitely not gained overnight. At my age and with all that is happening, even around the world, I would have a great problem if I became a ‘worrier’.

I do what I can and that is all I can do. I am aware of ‘failing’ in certain areas but that is normal as we age. I will accept what life brings and do the best I can from there. I certainly don’t want to be young again so life is what it is. I ask you to ‘join’ me in this lifestyle, which is more free of the webs that might tangle us. Welcome aboard to more pleasant days!!!



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