Look Before You Leap

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

A few months ago I decided that I might like to “work at home” so I replied to an ad offering this ‘opportunity’. At 83, I am mobile and my mind is still clicking along okay.  I would keep my independence and would have oodles of cash to spend on the twelve grandkids or eight great-grandkids!! I learned very soon that replying was a BIG MISTAKE !!!

It seemed that within hours, I was overwhelmed with emails from other places of ‘opportunity’; all of these wanting to make me a millionaire. WOW ! My emails grew into the dozens, maybe even hundreds, as jobs became available to me, a little Granny who might make a few extra bucks. NONE OF THEM, however, told me what I must DO. I mean, am I to address envelopes, stamp letters or WHAT would be my job as I sat at home earning these big bucks? I had in mind an opportunity of creativity, something I would enjoy as the cash rolled in. Whatever the job involved, I simply wanted to be informed of my ‘duties’.

The following days (weeks?) brought dozens more job offers; none telling me the details of the job that was available. Apparently all these ‘companies’ share email replies from ‘applicants’. I began deleting numerous emails each day.  I was hoping that by deleting rather than answering their emails, they would get the message that I was not interested.  Wrong again!

By this time, I had decided that I didn’t want to continue with this idea. I still had no idea of what my ‘job’ would involve. SO, I continued to delete but I realized that wasn’t working. I knew then that I must ‘unsubscribe’ to each one of those emails!!! This involved three to five clicks on each ‘unsubscribe’ so I began this lo-o-on-g drawn out job of ‘unsubscribing’. It hasn’t been fun but by working an hour or so each day, I am finally down to a half dozen ‘opportunities’ each morning. Hopefully, I can take care of those. I will NEVER again reply to an ad that offers the opportunity to ‘work at home’. What a time consuming headache that was!

Yes, I should have thought it out better but there were no details available. Even after several weeks, I never did learn what I was expected to do. Oh, well, I won’t go hungry, even without an ‘at home’ job. I will have more hours to read or write. I won’t be sitting here, simply twiddling my thumbs. I never learned how to do that and have no plans to sit and do nothing. That definitely isn’t me…


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