Loneliness Versus Solitude

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Many are lonely but few have learned to enjoy solitude. These are two different worlds which can teach us many lessons. In order to appreciate each, we need to learn from the negative as well as the positive. How we react will determine our days. In other words, whether or not you realize it, we decide what kind of day we have.

Loneliness doesn’t mean being alone. We can be lonely in a room full of people. The loneliness in marriage is the worst because this is seldom resolved. Other kinds of loneliness can have a happy ending, meeting with friends and enjoying time together. Planning your time can often be the answer to those unfulfilled hours of feeling totally alone. Doing nothing brings negative results.

Learning to enjoy our solitude is a priceless gift. Those who seek solitude have learned the value of having time alone. We don’t accomplish much when we are in a crowd; we meet and greet and walk on. The transfixed smile can make our mouths tired after a while. We know that few, including us, really care if we see each other again soon. Some might be true friends but most are mere acquaintances.

Some might believe they are lonely when, in truth, they are idle because they have no goals to reach for. Life IS blank unless we are working toward a dream. Having no goals will make us depressed, lazy, alone and wondering why we are here. It is so much better to have a plan, something you have wanted to do for a while. Now you have time to do it IF you are willing to do the things necessary to attain this dream. Nothing comes to us without our effort to get it.

Remember the things you enjoy doing AND the things you dreamed of doing in earlier years. Did you succeed in those things or did you drop some of your ideas along the way? If you thought you could not reach your goals then, maybe you can NOW. Why not try? You won’t know unless you try. The truth is, if we have nothing to reach for, TIME will be slow; our days are empty because we aren’t using our minds in doing the things we are capable of doing. We can’t share this with others because most of those we know are busy with their own dream. Their days are full because they are thinking of the end results. We are thinking of nothing – except how alone we are. Only our efforts can change the results.

Sometimes, when we feel alone, it is possible that we brought this on by being idle rather than giving our efforts toward attaining a certain goal. Unless we have a purpose, the day is empty. When you decide to USE YOUR GOD-GIVEN ABILITIES to reach a goal, then your days will be exciting as you enjoy a sense of achievement that has no price. Why don’t you try it? Don’t depend on others to make your days better; YOU are the only one who can do that!!!



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