Living in Fear

Barbara Morris

Barbara Morris

I never thought I would see the day when American citizens would fear being spied upon by the government or have personal information stolen and misused. That day is here and it’s frightening. People are becoming wary not only of what they post on political and social networking sites but cautious about leaving comments on innocuous websites. I admit I think twice about what I send into cyberspace. The general feeling seems to be, “I don’t want to risk having my identity misused or compromised.” 

Recently I received an email from a long-time subscriber that read as follows: 

Hi Barbara, 

I just want to let you know that I always read your newsletter. Sometimes I’d like to leave comments to let the authors know; but I refuse to sign on to any more social media accounts (Discus this time) and give access to all my data. I guess so they can post to my Facebook account and send me more e-mails. 

Feel free to add my comments below the articles if you like. 

For Mary: (Lloyd)

Mary, you make some excellent points. We seem to have lost our way as a nation as everyone clamors for a bigger piece of the pie. We’ve forgotten that the simple things and the good we can do have more value than “stuff” and who has more of it. Life is not a race to die with the most toys. 

For Joyce: Shafer  (whose article was so in sync with Mary’s that I thought that might have been planned – until I continued reading):  

Lovely words. Plus I learned a new word today “sheeple-minded”. I love it! 

For John: (Ouvrier) 

Another excellent exercise tip. I’ve picked up many from your articles on Put Old on Hold. 

I’m working to get back strength and flexibility after cast removal for a cracked elbow. Boy, I didn’t realize how quickly you lose strength and flexibility when you don’t keep working at it every day! I hope I can hold onto that lesson for the years to come. 

For people who live alone and can’t have someone “spot” for them just in case – I’ve done the wall sit with a stool beneath me. So if I go too low or get worn out and can’t get up unassisted, I can gently sit all the way down. Do you recommend that?

For Barbara: (Morris) 

Thank you for introducing us to Helen Harkness and her work. I also sign onto the advice to avoid traditional retirement and have launched myself into my 3rd or 4th career. Yes, staying active does keep us younger! 

I love Helen’s phrase “Live long; die fast.” That’s definitely a goal worth striving for. 

You and I agree on another point, Barbara. I also share my age because it helps to convey the message of my healthy aging website, “Walk along with me into a longer health span.”


Barbara Morris: I have passed this email on to Mary Lloyd, Joyce Shafer and  John Ouvrier  to allow them to respond to the commenter privately.       



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