Let’s Help Linda Find A New Love

Linda is on the left

While telling girlfriend Linda how deliriously happy I am with Maxwell,  my burning inferno of love (read about it here), she “oohed” and “aahed” and just about passed out as I shared with her the steamy details of our romance.  I thought to myself, Linda could be just as happy as I am if she had someone (or something) to love. Therefore, I thought it would be selfish of me not to try to help her find someone special.  So I said to her, “Girlfriend, let me help you find an exciting guy who is worthy of you. You deserve it.” I knew it would be difficult because Linda is very special. She hesitated but after some intense consideration, she finally replied, “Okay. Go for it. But remember, I’m very picky”.

So, for all you mature handsome hunks out there looking for love, who are still at the top of the hill (not over it),

“I’m VERY sexy” she purred

meaning,  you are energetically still breathing, not just existing,  wishing you had someone special to love you, Linda could be your girl.

So I asked her to reveal a few interesting things about herself and what she is looking for, and here’s the essence of what I discovered.

“Will you join me for a glass of wine this evening? I’m very warm and charming.”

Straight away, she wants everyone to know she’s 83. (Age 83 never looked so good.)  If her age bothers anyone, well, it’s their loss. By the way, younger men do not appeal to Linda. Why I don’t understand. Most men her age that I’ve met are so far over the hill they don’t remember where the hill was. Of course, I could be wrong, but since (ahem) I’m rarely wrong, I’m probably not wrong.

Now, for the nitty-gritty. Linda is classy,  sexy, gorgeous, inquisitive, full of life and love.  She has flawless health, a knockout smile, is super intelligent, is a brilliant writer, and has a great sense of humor. She’s been traveling fearlessly alone around the world on her Social Security checks for a long time. She currently lives in Meh-he-co with a writers group but is open to living anywhere.

“How about dinner AND a glass or two of wine at my casita?”

As for what she would like in a man, here’s the straight skinny:

He needs to be fit, nice looking with a nice genuine smile, happy laughter, self-confident, sociable, moderate to low

imbiber, loves to slow dance.  He is not narcissistic and needs his own adequate income. He must be metaphysically spiritual. No facial hair, a nonsmoker, and like Linda, love to travel.

Do we have a winner out there? If you are sincerely interested in this spectacular woman or know someone who might be, send me an email address and a recent photo and I’ll pass it on to Linda.  First come, first served. Don’t miss out on an exciting and fabulous opportunity to have this extraordinary woman in your life who will love you forever.






  1. Hi, it´s Linda Brown, the subject of this article:

    Oh, Barbara! You did it! Where and to whom will this article lead? It´s sort of…. more or less…. a survey into the personal lives of the Ultra-Senior-Citizen of the New Millennium! Do we answer matching service ads? Well, I never have; but I find it an interesting experiment. And I´m always up for meeting intriguing characters. Especially during these Covid Lockdown conditions. Virtual friendships may just be the way of the future. Or would that be WAVE of the FUTURE? Since about all we can do these days is wave to each other.

    This could be as much fun as a long-distance Monoply Game! If you somehow qualify, or even to comment on this optimistic idea, jump into the pool. Turn this Put Old On Hold website into a classy matching service. You too, Gals! Maybe Barbara will find herself a more talkative mate than Maxwell???

    A few comments: I won´t be 83 until early September but all these pictures were taken this year. So, only submit current photos of yourself due to our Truth In Advertising requirements. And how many of us are actually looking for another MARRIAGE. Maybe we´d settle for just a good jitterbugger! Post-Covid, of course. We should live so long!

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