Let’s Get Fit for the New Year!


John Paul Ouvrier

John Paul Ouvrier

Welcome to another year that you’re still here.  2015!  And before you say, “Can you believe it?” I would like you to say, “I am brave enough to take it!”

I would like you to be brave enough to take the dark side of fitness to task.  To say to those aches and pains, “You’re not going to stop me; I’ve got a lot to do!”  To say to your doctor, “Show me how to fix this and don’t quote age statistics to me!”  To say to your body, “As long as there is breath and consciousness in this body, I am the boss here!”  To take the things that none of us like and actively set up a plan to counter them.

Let’s make the New Years fitness resolution simple:  Let’s add 5 minutes a day to your existing routine. (And if you haven’t been doing what you’re supposed to, then get back to it!)

Let’s add 5 minutes every day of simple movements that enhance freedom, improve balance, increase energy, and put your muscles onto the same page!

  1. Spend one minute a day working on balance. Don’t do this when you’re walking or when you’re out and about. Do this in the morning after you’ve been up for thirty minutes or so. Challenge your balance: Hold on to a solid object, and sink up and down into the knees, and stand on one foot at a time. A minute a day will make a difference and you may end up doing a little more…
  2. Lift your arms up over your head and stretch. Do this standing, sitting, or lying down. This simple movement is a miracle for posture, circulation, the heart, digestion, etc. There is a reason this movement is a part of most exercise routines. I like to sit or lie down I do this so I can yawn deeply at the same time!
  3. Walk like you’re young and very happy. Practice for a minute walking around like the world is yours and nothing bad will ever happen to you. If you don’t practice a youthful walk, do you really think your existing walk will help? I worked with an Academy Award winning actor in his 70’s a number of years ago. No matter what we did, I couldn’t get him to walk properly. Finally I asked how old he was when he won his Oscar, and he replied 35. I said, “Fine, walk like you’re 35, and going on stage to get your award!” And sure enough he did! He smiled, swung his arms, and turned into a 35 year old man in front of me. Have some fun- go on stage and get your award!
  4. Find a reason to get up and down off the floor. If you still can get up and down safely from the floor, please do so each day. Go down to your knees, then lie down if able, and get back up. If this is not safe to do, then sit in a chair and while staying seated, reach down safely to the floor to something such as touching your shoes or the floor. (Make sure your doctor approves this one!)
  5. Breathe in deeply and out deeply ten times. I like to sit for this one, because sometimes I get light headed. Breathe in as deeply as you can, and then exhale as deeply as you can. (I like to count to 4 or 6 while inhaling, and then the same while exhaling) Then on the next breath, try to inhale and exhale even more, with each breath filling up and emptying more.
  6. These are your new New Years fitness goals; something to add for 5 minutes every day.  And please add or delete as you see fit.This year, walk a little farther, breathe a little better, stand a little taller, pull your tummy up and in a little more.  Little bricks build big walls my friends.  God Bless for a wonderful New Year to you and your family.~Because you’re stronger than you think, and you can do more than you know!~John Paul Ouvrier, known as The Wizard of Youth, is a fitness trainer who specializes in working with older adults. Please consult with your doctor or medical professional before beginning this or any exercise program or advice.  The contents of this article do not constitute medical advice.  Contact him at John@wizardofyouth.com, and bring him in to entertain your audiences!   http://wizardofyouth.com. & http://fitness4charity.org.

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