Ladies, Let’s Buy A Car

As a woman, do you dread walking into an auto showroom, wanting to buy a car but fearful of being taken advantage of? Girlfriend, fear no more. Everything anyone needs to know about buying a car is presented in Wendy Marie’s new ebook: Ladies, Let’s Buy a Car. Wendy Marie went from not knowing anything about buying a car to working in the automobile industry as a finance manager for over sixteen years. With her vast array of experiences she shares exciting ways to be prepared before you go shopping for a car. It’s been nominated for a Global e-Book Award and deserves to win!

This is not a book just for women car buyers. It’s for men as well. It’s well written, easy to read and it’s the best $2.99 you will ever spend for such important and useful information.

Table of Contents tells it all: 

Chapter 1 Getting Ready: Some Homework to Do
Chapter 2 Shopping For a New Vehicle
Chapter 3 Finance Manager
Chapter 4 Going to Finance
Chapter 5 Taking Delivery of Your Vehicle
Chapter 6 Shopping For a Pre-Owned Vehicle
Chapter 7 Points of Interest On Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Minivans, Sport Cars
Chapter 8 Best Times To Buy a Vehicle
Chapter 9 Purchase Vs. Leasing
Chapter 10 Your Salesperson
Chapter 11 Special Finance
Chapter 12 Extended Service Contracts and Aftermarket Products
Chapter 13 Behind The Scenes In Parts, Service, and The Business Office
Chapter 14 Auto Brokers
Chapter 15 Pitfalls and Fraud
Chapter 16 CSI: Customer Service Index
Chapter 17 A True Love Story 

Here is the link to purchase.  Remember, it’s just $2.99

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