Joan Rivers: She Did It Her Way

Joan rivers

Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers has passed away and I am sad she is gone. I don’t know why I lament her passing because I did not care for her acerbic “humor”. Nevertheless, you had to admire her.  She said things that were politically incorrect and often, there was an element of truth in what she said. She had guts,  and if there is one thing I appreciate,  it’s a gutsy woman who speaks her mind.

Joan was the ultimate mature rock star. She avoided the traditional retirement lifestyle and her reward for doing so was an energetic, exciting, productive second  life. At age 81 she was not just an entertainer but a savvy entrepreneur.

As much as she was maligned for all her cosmetic surgery I think many older women would gladly trade their wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin for the way she looked at her age. She certainly understood the power of appearance.

I don’t know what Joan considered as her legacy but this I know for sure: by her example she showed enterprising older women they could live the life they want instead of blindly caving  in and doing what is expected by rusty, rigid, tradition.

Thanks, Joan, for your courage, chutzpah, and for being a  fearless role model for all older women who want more, and are achieving more than they ever could, stuck  in conventional old fogey retirement.

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