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Joyce Shafer

Joyce L. Shafer

Before I dive into the deep end on this topic, what I write about here affects all of us, impacts all of us. I deal with it every day, so know I’m not commenting as though I’ve got this completely under control and you don’t. Nor does God expect us to be perfect in this, but He does expect us to address it, according to His instructions in His Word.

We face serious issues today, including worry about those elected (and those unelected) whose commitment is to the destruction of our nation, perversion and sexualization of our children, as well as reduction of our global population, and a desire to remove Jesus from our hearts, minds, and lips. Serious as these are, there’s an additional danger we face with short-term and eternal ramifications. And not only face, but voluntarily, willingly participate in: Friendship with the World and, therefore, enmity with God. This applies to atheists, apostates, those who believe they’re saved but aren’t, and, sadly, those truly Saved. Like what, you ask? A number ways, but here’s the one that keeps coming to mind to address: “Love covers a multitude of sins, while dark counsel loves to uncover the sins of others through slander…. Slander is one of the abominations that the LORD lists in the Scriptures.” – Benjamin Baruch, Out of the Darkness

We’ve caught a virus the Adversary has loosed upon the whole world: A gnawing hunger to shame others. All media and social sites are for us akin to what a bakery is to a diabetic: Poison. Shaming is void of forgiveness. All media is rife with it, as are—if you’ll pardon the repetition—atheists, apostates, those who believe they’re saved but aren’t, and, sadly, those truly Saved. “Unforgiveness is as powerful a deceiving and destructive force in our lives as pride. These are your worst enemies, for pride and an unforgiving spirit are the most dangerous adversaries you face…. and to the degree that we forgive others, so we too will be forgiven.” – Benjamin Baruch

Baruch also wrote, “People will say things like, ‘I forgive them, but I have to stand for righteousness. I have to stand by my convictions.’ In our self-deception, we hide the true motives of our heart within our righteous garments of the flesh. We will destroy a brother’s good name, murder their reputation and hide it all behind the false pretense of asking people to pray for them. But the bottom line is this, pride is an abomination and if we do not humble ourselves and also learn to forgive from the heart, then we are not forgiven.” We are to pray for the lost. We are to speak truth to them in love, not berate them to their face, behind their back, or online. Jesus stated clearly in His Word that He considers shaming, slandering, and gossiping abominations because they are forms of murder—His words, not mine. And He clearly commands, Thou shalt not murder. Taking this into consideration, basically, every news source engages in a form of spiritual slaughter every day. And if we engage with them longer than the few minutes it takes to get news we really need to know, we’re like the Romans watching the lions and Christians. Exchange that time for time in the Word or Prayer Closet or helping where help is needed. (FYI: The original 10-Commandment word is “murder,” not “kill.” Big difference regarding what God was telling us.)

A small population segment we’ve labeled “Woke” has been taught not only extreme versions of unforgiveness but to punish as well via shaming and slander (ahem, they were not self-taught in this regard). It’s a satanic entrapment—for them and for us—so that they and we will not be forgiven by the Father. It wasn’t just a nice turn of phrase Jesus instructed in The Lord’s Prayer, He meant what He said: If we forgive some people but not others, then some of our sins will be forgiven but not all. That makes for a very bad time for us, yes?

Jesus said His people are to be a Peculiar people: NOT like the World, but instead like HIM. Any true Christian who, from this moment on, shames, slanders, and or gossips rather than fasts and or prays for those who are lost, for the faltering Church, and for those in positions of authority, is—according to Jesus—also guilty. In fact, maybe more so because we, as Christians, supposedly not only know better but are commanded to do better, following God’s Word to, yes, experience righteous indignation and speak truth in love when needed, but also to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves, to be angry but do not sin, to lie upon our beds at night and think on this.

Tempting as it is to vent, we need to stop venting about others to anyone: This harms us, the person we’re venting about, and the person we impose this upon. God told us what to do: Vent to Him only, and then forgive and pray for the person or people we’re upset with or about. Scripture tells us the most righteous man offends God at least seven times a day. If we paused to count our own sins we wish forgiven by Him, the number is astronomical. Yet, consider how we handle ourselves when we feel offended, for whatever reason: we enter the land of Bitterness and Unforgiveness.

Every Christian might revisit Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7, to be reminded of what Jesus taught. Something many don’t realize is that the Beatitudes (Sermon on the Mount), plus the other teachings there, are not how to get saved, but what a person who is saved is supposed to do and be like in order to represent God’s Kingdom. Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” not the pot-stirrers and accusers (like Satan) of others—public or private. God hates it. Satan loves it. We need to stop it. When we give in to this sin, Holy Spirit leaves us and takes the Power of God through Christ Jesus that is ours, with Him, until we exit Carnal Road and return to His Spirit through obedience.

Jesus said the world would know who is His by their fruit. Those who are His are to produce good fruit, the kind of fruit that represents the Vine we are grafted onto. We’re not to produce thorns and thickets that wound and trap others – and ourselves. That behavior originates from the wrong kingdom. Anyone can attend church services or watch services or videos online, attend and even teach Bible study, quote Scripture – in other words, “Do Christian.” But unless a genuine supernatural change of heart takes place, that person may behave as the World’s perception of a Christian might be, but NOT God’s expectation of one of His. He told us in His Word how we are to be, but it feels good to satisfy the carnal nature rather than obey Him and operate with the Spirit of God in us. I mean, how Peculiar does He really want us to be? Very—to the point of leading others to salvation through Him via how we represent Him and especially His love to and in the World.

“The prayers of a righteous man availeth much.” Neither verbosity nor volume in prayer are evidence of God’s Power operating in us. God considers obedience as righteousness. As long as we continue to do what’s been written about above, the less righteous we are and the less Power of God we possess (if any) to do the work He commands us, His Body here on Earth, to do: Win souls to Christ Jesus for eternal salvation. I’d say most of us—my hand is raised high—have work to do, starting on our knees, getting humble before our LORD, and repenting.

SIGNIFICANT: “The issue of forgiveness is hard for some of us, because some of us have been really abused; some of us have been deeply wounded and it was a lot more than just a thoughtless word or an inconsiderate act. There has been some serious hurt handed out and if that is you, then you have to learn to pray this through in your life. If we do not pray this through, these areas of unforgiveness in our lives can become demonic strongholds, and a spirit of bitterness will take hold. In order to release that bondage, we have to learn how to fast and pray for this kind only comes out through prayer and fasting. We have to learn to fast and pray to break through the unforgiveness in our hearts, through the strongholds of pride, and to prepare our hearts to receive the healing and the salvation of the Lord.” – Benjamin Baruch

Here’s a solid recommendation, because let’s face it—sometimes we really need to vent or criticize or slam someone or something unjust or evil that’s happening. And as much as that IS happening now, it’s about to get a whole lot more frequent and more intense. SOLUTION: Turn to the Psalms. Use God’s own words to cry out your frustrations and fears to Him. Read them aloud to the LORD. Seriously. Let His Word and Spirit comfort and guide you in righteousness: thought, word, and action—so that you can then speak truth with love to whomever…or stay silent, if that’s His wish.

Fellow Christians, understand that Jesus told us it’s going to get bad in the End Times. More and more each day, we’re seeing the beginnings of this prophesied time now (the videos/podcasts/book offered below are worth the time). We are commanded to remain strong through Jesus, and as in Joshua 1:6-9, and NOT become like the World, which is the Adversary’s kingdom (prison). We’re to be a beacon of the Light of our Lord Jesus in the Darkness. This means we cannot – must not – sound like or behave like the World, but like our LORD Jesus. Think on these things.

May God give us clean hearts and renew in us right spirits, making room in us for His Holy Spirit to guide us in all things, for our Father’s Divine purposes and pleasure. I pray this in the Name and Nature of my Savior and LORD Christ Jesus.

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