Is Your Thinking Higher or Lower?

Joyce Shafer

Joyce L. Shafer

You either think from your situations or think from your possibilities. You can tell which you’re choosing by looking at what’s happening and how you feel.

Beliefs about life challenges can lead you to forget how and why thinking from possibilities (higher) works better than thinking from situations (lower). An example is, “How am I going to pay my bills?” (situation) vs. “How might I manifest an extra $X this month?” (possibilities). The first one leads you to stay in bad feelings: fear, worry, non-action or non-productive action. The second one leads you to open to inspired ideas and productive action.

“To learn how to think is to learn how to live . . . . This is not done by holding thoughts, but by knowing the Truth.” Ernest Holmes

 Simply put . . . If you can imagine it, it can be yours. If you imagine it, it is yours.

 I wanted a friend to read something I wrote and give feedback; but her computer didn’t have the right program installed, so she couldn’t open the document. This reminded me of how many of us are similarly programmed or not set up to open certain “mental documents.”

We learn ways to think, feel, and react or respond usually long before we learn anything about Law of Attraction. If our receptivity-to-better-ways program is not installed, we have to find another way or exist without access to certain programs and features.

Alchemy was believed to be the art/science of turning lead into gold. That’s exactly what shifting negative vibrations caused by negative, limiting, doubting thoughts, words, and actions into positive “magnetic” vibrations is about.

Beliefs come at us from the moment we’re born, from family members who carry beliefs from one generation to another, educational systems, religions–people who, for the most part, mean well. The premise is protection; but it doesn’t work for many of us. In fact, it creates fear in us and we pass up opportunities and experiences because we aren’t taught our true power or true nature.

One big obstacle is the How: “How am I ever going to be able to ___?” If you’ve used Law of Attraction even in small measure, you’ve seen the How gets taken care of when you get out of the way or don’t concern yourself with it. In fact, how things get done or manifested is usually a remarkable event or unfolding as ones we never would have thought of ourselves, if we don’t impose negatives beliefs, that is.

I’d manifested parking spaces, furniture and furnishings for my apartment, books, people, money, and lots of other things. However, I noticed there were, what I considered “large ticket items” (not always material) that I struggled with. When I paused to consider this, I asked myself what was different.

 One difference was my statement about getting something was matter-of-fact. Another difference was I had no concern about the How attached: where, when, who, what, how much.

The most important difference was complete absence of doubt about getting whatever. I simply didn’t think about it. I didn’t consciously apply Law of Attraction. Getting “it” was effortless. The quantum field had no restrictions imposed by me on it, so it popped these things into my life, sometimes within minutes. I also had to learn to trust that some things were not right for me, and learn how to read the clues and move on.

When you think from situations (lower) rather than possibilities (higher), this is the “frequency” you broadcast into the field of probabilities and to others. Brainstorm to shift this: write down every logical, practical, silly, and farfetched idea that comes to mind about how to resolve, solve, or shift a situation. Something will spring forth from this.

Energy, like water, seeks its own level. What or where is the level of your energy? You can ignore your power but you can’t escape it; you might as well use it in your favor.

(Based on my e-book, Law of Attraction Alchemy: Change Lead Thoughts into Gold)

You are what you practice.

© Joyce Shafer

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