Information You Can Use June 2014

Nearly 50 percent of physicians believe diversion of ADHD stimulant medications among teens is a problem

Two recent studies examined physicians’ perceptions and knowledge of diversion of stimulant medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as well as practices physicians use to prevent diversion among their patients prescribed these medications.

A cup of coffee a day may keep retinal damage away, study shows

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! Aside from java’s energy jolt, food scientists say you may reap another health benefit from a daily cup of joe: prevention of deteriorating eyesight and possible blindness from retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging and diabetes.

For the first time, proof of what hormone replacement therapy does to genes involved in breast cancer

Researchers have measured activity of genes associated with breast cancer in women before and while, they took different types of HRT. They found that an HRT used in the WHI trial had a greater activating effect on these genes than a “natural” formulation applied via an estrogen gel applied to the skin in combination with oral progesterone. This shows that varying the HRT and the way it is taken can have very significant effects on the genes associated with breast cancer.

Water pipe smoking causes significant exposure to nicotine, cancer-causing agents

Young adults who smoked water pipes in hookah bars had elevated levels of nicotine, cotinine, tobacco-related cancer-causing agents, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in their urine, and this may increase their risk for cancer and other chronic diseases, according to a study. After a single evening of water pipe smoking in a hookah bar, young men and women had in their urine a 73-fold increase in nicotine; fourfold increase in cotinine; twofold increase in NNAL, a breakdown product of a tobacco-specific nitrosamine, NNK, which can cause lung and pancreatic cancers; and 14 to 91 percent increase in the breakdown products of VOC such as benzene and acrolein that are known to cause cancer and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.





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