I’ll Do My Grocery Shopping — Alone

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

I might be a little strange – but I like to do grocery shopping!!!  I prefer to do my shopping alone, for many reasons.

First, I know what I need and what I want; I usually get both. These items can vary to a point.  At 86. My appetite is usually good but occasionally, I don’t know what I want. I am aware that I am often careless in what I eat. I enjoy good health and I like some items too much….such as any form of ice cream. My weight doesn’t change, though, and I am not overweight.

Many friends literally count every calorie; I don’t. Of course, I also eat a lot of fruit- some from my trees -as well as vegetables (usually from my own garden.) My second son lives with me and, though he grew up in Miami, he enjoys tilling and planting the garden. Apparently he has a ‘green thumb’ because we eat a lot of ‘home-grown’ veggies. These have such a fabulous taste. Sometimes I have food (away from home) that has no taste. It seems more like pasteboard.

Even years ago, I had a backyard garden. I simply enjoy ‘growing’ things. Maybe that comes from growing up on a farm. This fact helped to prepare me for living. I would not know a lot of things without that experience. We can always learn, even if we didn’t do certain things when growing up.

When I shop in the supermarket, I often wonder how long certain items have been there. The fruits and vegetables have to be fairly fresh but other items could have been there a long time.

When someone is with me, they often comment on the items I choose. I like certain brands and stick with those.  Or they say, “Why pay that price for two; for two dollars more, you can get ten.” Caving in to their ‘advice’, I end up with  ten rolls of single-ply toilet paper of an unknown brand. Or they hold up an item they like and suggest that I buy it. Let me purchase what I prefer; I know what I want.

I don’t like anyone to RUSH ME WHEN I AM CHOOSING MY ITEMS. This REALLY irritates me !!!  Let me ENJOY this weekly excursion from the house. In other words: shut up and drive to River Junction while I am shopping. Return an hour later and all is well.

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