Ignore Those “Fantastic Offers”

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Every day we see all those extra-ordinary offers on how we can ‘make money’ at home and/or online. Learn to ignore these. After you respond, usually by ‘ordering’ the information, you will be asked for MORE MONEY. The amount you already sent was for simply signing up for the opportunities you might ‘order’ (and pay for) LATER.  These opportunists constantly ask for more money from YOU. In the meantime, THEIR bank account is growing while yours is getting smaller. YOU are not allowed to ‘win’ until AFTER they win, big time.

The ads are enticing and I am sure that they get thousands of responses. You, however, will not get ANYTHING for the money you sent…..except that you are now a “member” who will be offered bigger and better ‘opportunities’ at their bigger and better prices. You, and I, cannot afford their offers or sometimes, even the ‘fee’ for becoming a member of their group.

Are they concerned about YOUR financial situation?  Not at all; they are thinking only of adding to THEIR income, NOT YOURS.  Be extremely careful before sending ANY money to ANY so-called ‘opportunity’. What looks great on paper might be a losing situation for you – or me.

Of course, the more you might gain, the more you are charged for the possibility. Those ‘in charge’ often know exactly what they are doing, while hoping that you, or I, don’t.  THAT is part of their strategy, to influence us to send our money to them. They are profiting off those who reply; in order to ‘learn more’, we are encouraged to send a larger amount; otherwise we are told – or given – nothing. —- But, they STILL have our money and give nothing back for it UNLESS we send MORE. It is a win-win situation for the schemers and a losing experience for all those who responded.

Sometimes I wonder if there are any ‘honest’ people left; it seems that too many are careless with being truthful and looking for more opportunities to take money (or things) from others. These could not care LESS about anyone else, but only themselves. Such a SAD FACT; makes one wonder WHO taught them how to be selfish clods……. or did it just become a ‘natural’ thing for them???

These contribute NOTHING to humanity; they only TAKE, rather than give. I won’t live long enough to understand this kind of people. One wonders what circumstances caused them to become takers. All of us have experienced bad – or unhappy –circumstances, but these don’t necessarily have to change the persons we are. If anything, these situations should make us more  aware of those who might need our help.

Yes, my philosophy of life is very simple (but happier); I believe that we are here to love and help each other. I was often told in the past that others ‘see me arriving’ and right away, they look for ways to con me. That is okay; THEY will reap the ‘rewards’ for their actions, while I can live with and enjoy a clear conscience.

I have learned that ‘things’ don’t make us happy. As soon as we get one ‘thing’, there is another that we want; a never-ending list. I prefer honesty and integrity, priceless traits not found often enough. Just think of all the facts that liars and schemers have to remember. Their ‘payday’ will come sooner than they realize. Even the ‘best’ liars are always ‘found out’;  their ‘terrific’ offers are exposed. These are then known for being the phonies they are. My Mama taught me right; I will continue to enjoy and appreciate the gift of my days – by following her lessons. I PREFER being alone rather than living with a liar.

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