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Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

I am not irritated by the fact that I am ‘getting older’.  Common  sense, a rare quality these days, tells me that if I am not getting older, I am not here.  Sure, I move slower but who cares ??  I am thankful that I am mobile, getting around to where I need to be – WHEN I need to be there. I am slower deliberately – to a point – because I want to avoid a fall.

What DOES bug me- in a big way – is the way people react to those who are ‘older’. They  should not assume that everyone with silver hair has ‘lost it’. As to my silver hair, I LIKE IT !! It goes well with my green eyes.  When my hair was turning silver, many asked, “Why don’t you get blonde again?” Didn’t they realize that if I wanted to do that, I would??  My ‘blonde years,  to please a husband, were not a happy time.  Sure, I ‘looked good’ but few realized that somewhere under my scalp, I had a brain !!!

‘Blonde jokes’ still irritate me~ Does anyone know that one can be intelligent – or not – with any  color of hair ??? I suppose that such  jokes might be  entertaining to some who are desperate for a chuckle, but I find other things to fill this need. Being able to laugh (even out loud) is a wonderful experience but I prefer to laugh with someone, rather than at them.

So, it seems that ‘getting older’ does affect me, even as it brings the attitudes of others to my attention. I want to believe that it is from not realizing instead of deliberate actions. I still try to treat others the way I want them to treat me. Over the years this has brought actual laughs from some, who have told me, “They can see you a mile away; they recognize those they can take advantage. How sad, to spend our gift of days looking to ‘do someone in’; this is not my style nor will it ever be.

I MUST HAVE BEEN A REAL LAUGH TO SOME BUT THAT IS OKAY. Even those experiences taught me something. I have refused to become bitter and/or ‘eat up’ with pain’ from the actions or words of others. I am smart enough to know that this would harm me and do nothing to those who might have caused me to suffer.  I have learned that as time passes, I can be renewed daily as I go through my days.  Another day  means another possibility !!!

Like others my age, our days of accomplishment are not over until we make that decision. Sadly, it isn’t only individuals who respond in a negative way; many in business do the same. It is often difficult to accept that those smart enough to have or ‘run’ a business would be too dumb to recognize the potential of those  who are in their later years.

I have never had a ‘literary agent; when I contacted one a few, years ago, my age must have convinced them that I could not be a productive client.  Not even one responded to my request to represent me. I have published seven books since age 60. I will stop when I want to stop.  I have four other book manuscripts completed –  some fiction and some self-help. I believe those of every age   need to be urged onward. We don’t ‘outgrow’ the our need to be encouraged. Sometimes our words can help others overcome their lack of self-confidence.

Just as a child needs to be reminded by parents, ‘yes, you can do that’, so do many of my age. To reach a certain age doesn’t always indicate ‘finito’.  We are capable of being productive in some area – BUT only if we believe we can. If we don’t believe we can, we never will.

I am a little weird; I would rather try and fail than not try at all. At least I can learn something, even if I fail. I learn that I should go to the next thing on my ‘list’ — THIS might have been my future the whole time !!!

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