I Am SO Offended!

Barbara Morris

Barbara Morris


It’s crazy. It seems just about everybody is offended by something. Some complaints seem legitimate but most belong in the “gimme a break” category For example, if you keep up with the TV Housewives of Orange County you will recall that Brooks, the manipulative boyfriend of needy housewife Vicki, accused housewife Tamra of giving Vicki “the evil eye” and it took forever for that odious offense to be resolved because Brooks kept stirring the pot, insisting he was just “protecting my woman.”  I could cite any number of offensive situations but you get the picture.

I’ve conferred with an expert on offensiveness, Dr. Bob Offender, and he opined that how severely one tends to be offended is directly related to the thinness of one’s skin. Or, more likely, that one is looking for 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know that I agree with him, totally, however. (I wouldn’t want to disagree with him completely because he might be offended.)

That said, I’m grievously offended. (You knew that was coming, right?)

What has my bloomers in a bunch is this recent totally offensive headline : “Detroit Thugs Shoot Grandma Three Times – Seconds Later, They Learn Why Her Nickname Is Now ‘Rambo’ “ What’s wrong with that? After all, it’s always good when an older person, especially a “grandma” is capable of self defense. (I’m all in for “Guns for Gutsy Grannies” as well as “Guns for Gutsy Grumpy Grandpas” – I don’t discriminate about who gets guns; that would be offensive). So why am I offended? I’m offended because the 51-year-old victim is called “grandma”. That is so offensive; it really grinds my gears!

Seriously, and I do mean seriously, why is it necessary to refer to a 51 year-old-woman as a grandma? If you had not seen the woman before, an image of a sweet, frail old lady would probably appear in your mind’s eye, and it would be incorrect because actually, the 51-year-old “grandma” is an attractive, feisty, youthful woman. If you think I’m mistaken, watch the video.

granny with gun

Back it up, Bubba — I’ll blast your britches! (Photo: Shutterstock)

Now, let’s reverse the scenario. If it had been a 51-year-old man who defended himself, do you think he would have been called a “grandpa”? Absolutely not. As “everybody” knows, a 51-year-old man is not a “grandpa”, he’s still a stud (at least in his own mind).

So as not to be inadvertently offensive I want to state that there is nothing wrong with being a grandma (as I am myself)  but as used in this instance, “grandma” is a pejorative and totally inappropriate and ageist. I’m tired of it! I am deeply, deeply offended! Please, somebody hand me a Kleenex!

Yes, I’m offended by thoughtless and offensive ageist references and I hope you are too. Say what? You say you are offended that I am offended by inappropriate application of the word “grandma” and you think I’m being silly?Oh, that really offends me!!! ? Please, be tolerant. Allow me to take offense at what offends me and if you are offended by my expression of what offends me, there must be something wrong with you.  No offense intended, of course; I would never offend anyone. 🙂

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