How Do You Teach Others To Honor And Respect You?

Tatyana Wilson, Ed. S.

How do you teach anything? I’ve been a certified teacher for almost 20 years. The best way to teach anything to anyone is by example We teach others how to honor and respect us by the way we honor and respect ourselves.

We are the first person who gives others the cue of how we are to be treated.

How we see ourselves, how we treat ourselves, how we speak about ourselves, and how we carry ourselves are all cues to how others will treat us as well.

So, how do we have to show up in the world in order to increase the likelihood that others will treat us with honor and respect?

These are huge considerations. They’re really not easy. The majority of people currently approach this in a very cavalier spirit and what that attitude resembles is this: I can wear whatever I want, I can look however I feel like looking, and you still have to treat me with respect!

Well, that is a really, really awesome ideal. It’s truly a really really great ideal. It’s such a wonderful ideal, but it’s completely unrealistic.

Yes, we may have to take some time to get over that, to get over the fact that people don’t just respect one another by default, just because they should.

Most people don’t respect one another, simply because they should. Period. Many people will only respect one another when they have to.

So how do you help them respect you? How do you portray yourself out there in a way that makes others feel like they have to respect you? How do you demand respect?

I’ll tell you this, it’s not by fussing, fighting, and crying about it. It’s not by complaining about it or by demanding some legislation be passed to outlaw disrespect for people like you, who look like you, who act like you, or who simply feel like you because you can’t legislate respect on the government level.

Repeat after me: you cannot legislate respect.  You cannot legislate something of the heart.

The only way you can ensure people will have respect for you is if you carry yourself in a way that matches what they already respect.

What Do People Respect?

People naturally respect power, money, and authority! There is a uniform in our society for respect and it has nothing to do with the celebrity influencers or following trends in fashion magazines.

There’s a uniform in our society for successful people. And this uniform is truly your key to helping people to give the cue right away that you are to be respected.

Carry Yourself With Dignity and Others Will Follow Suit

How you carry yourself, how you dress, how you speak, how you do things and what you even do are all cues to other people how they should treat you.

This is why it’s absolutely important to know the formula for how to dress yourself to a higher caliber.

It starts from the inside: you have to have confidence.  Confidence comes from having substance and believing in your own substance.

True confidence comes from knowing that you bring value to others and centering your self-identity on providing this in a mutually respectful way.

When this is your inside, then it will affect how you carry yourself. So there’s a lot of inner work. Definitely that’s beyond the scope of this particular article, but the inner work must be first. It also means your confidence is based on your own pursuit of being your best self, not on some stupid external pressure or ideal.



  1. Joyce L. Shafer says


    I’m not going to go on and on about your article. I’ll just say this:

    Girl, you make me fist-punch the air with a yawping YES!

    May God continue to shine His face upon you.

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