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Join the Choose Civility movement. No dues, no entry requirements, no registration, no passwords, no officers, and no hidden agenda. Everyone of like mind is welcome. Just agree to be civil in dealing with others and agree to encourage those you influence to promote Civility

There are many ways to express and promote Civility. Here are just a few:*

  • Language: Choose not to use language that degrades or disrespects others (and yourself). For example, choose not to use the “F” and “S” words (and other vulgar words and phrases) because they are classless and crude. They demean the person who speaks the words as well as those who hear them.
  • Respectful disagreement.Choose not to deny others their right or opportunity to express their opinion because it does not agree with what you believe. We can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Value and appreciate others. Manners matter. Choose to preface any request for help with” Please” or better yet, “If you would be so kind . . . ” Silly? No. It defuses resistance, and most important, it conveys respect, and everyone needs and deserves respect.
  • Choose an attitude of gratitude. Choose to make eye contact and say “Thank you” for any gesture of kindness. It reaps enormous dividends in social, business, and family relationships. As a response to a “Thank you” from someone, instead of saying “No problem,” graciously say,” My pleasure.”

Our behavior has a residual effect on us and, ultimately, the culture. Choosing Civility in all forms has the power to change people and their actions.

If you decide to become part of the Choose Civility movement, pass this on to friends on Facebook and other social sites and encourage them to join and pass it on to their contacts.  Add your suggestions to help others Choose Civility

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