“Health Ambassadors” Knocking On Your Door

Don’t doubt it — the government intends to get you “vaccinated” even if it means going door-to-door. It’s happening now.  Attached is a copy of instructions given to volunteers called “Health Ambassadors” by one community to assist the “Ambassadors” to make sure no one escapes the long arm of the government that loves and cares about your health and safety more than you do.

Also, the government is participating in a global effort to reduce the world population via vaccines.  Who would believe it, let alone even think about it? It’s too bizarre.

However,  after digging deep enough and listening to comments of Bill Gates, the primary advocate of reducing world population, it is clear the Gates initiative is in place now using the “vaccines.”  It is difficult to imagine that any individual or government would willingly participate in such an evil scheme, but it’s happening.

Let’s put that thought aside for now and think about some “irregularities” in the door-to-door “Health Ambassadors” program.

Most people are aware that all COVID vaccines have strict temperature requirements. That’s what we’ve been told, but in practice, are any of the refrigeration requirements observed by the volunteers? Do they carry a refrigeration unit with them?

Will volunteers return later to check on those they vaccinated in the event of adverse effects or death–so a dead body doesn’t go undiscovered for days? Instead, these community activists give only “positive” info about how good and safe the jabs are.

This is difficult to write about because many have chosen to be vaccinated. No one wants to be told, over and over again, or have it suggested to them that they did not make the right decision. If you’ve been vaxxed, hopefully, your immune system is tough enough to keep you going. Turn what you know now into helping others understand what’s at stake, as Eric Clapton has done.  He feared he would ‘never play again’ after a ‘disastrous’ event with vaccine  He will no longer perform in venues that require masks or vaccinations.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is telling its followers to be aware of persons and social media platforms that are spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID shots and explains Why we need a global framework to regulate harm online Understand the misleading jargon here.To the WEF, facts and open discussion ARE harmful. Irrational misleading diatribes are NOT harmful. To assist the WEF with its initiative, there is this: U.S. Surgeon General, Rockefeller Foundation Announce Big Initiatives to Address ‘Urgent Threat’ of Vaccine Misinformation

Here is more  information to consider:

Two Last-minute items:

Video: “Put Them in a Car & Drive Them To Get That Vaccine In Their Arm”: Cuomo Makes Shocking Comments Against Unvaccinated Americans

Video: Easy to watch and understand — Animated explanation of what’s at issue with the “vaccine”.


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2.“20 Mechanisms of Injury”   (This link is no longer available.)

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  1. From the Moderna Site. This Moderna site is EXTREMELY important and easy to read and understand.

8.Video: Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk?

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  4. Explanation by Dr. Charles Hoffe, who did his own research on why his patients were exhibiting micro-blood clotting after receiving the injection.

You have only one life — your own. It’s up to YOU  to protect it.









  1. Gale A Phelps says

    I agree with you, Zenobia. I am 72 as is my husband. We both came down with COVID in October, 2020. We were blessed and “vaccinated” by God, to not have had the virus kill us. We were sick but no lung issues. Our medical decision is to NOT have the vaccine. It is our right as an American citizen and a human being, to control what goes into our bodies. Once they started giving material things away to coax people to receive shots, we became very suspicious of their motivation. Now we are being made second class citizens by being banned from air travel, entering other countries, restaurants, concerts, museums…..the list goes on and on. This is not right! I pray that God helps us through this terrible time.

  2. Linda Jalving says

    Thank you, Barbara – this “issue” has become a major focus of my thoughts lately. I live in California and have loved it until now – I feel the vaccine “noose” tightening around my neck. Any suggestions of what we can DO to stop the vaccine freight train?
    Thank you, Linda

  3. Zenobia L Silas Carson says

    ALL of this speaks not only to my reluctance but to my refusal to take this poke. We are being shamed, coaxed, coerced and nearly threatened (door-to-door vax sales people, like old Fuller brush people) getting statistics on who has and w ho has not. I believe the results are then run down to some secret cave where privileges are removed (You can’t go here or there or anywhere without solid PROOF that you have been vaccinated).

    Completely ignoring the fact that outbreaks increased when states began “opening up” taking off masks, mingling in auditoriums, on beaches and in concerts, it suddenly became the fault of the UN-vaccinated.
    A news reporter here in Minnesota said last night”,…..Then you have these morons who refuse to be vaccinated!” I could not believe my ears! This is a man for whom I had much respect as a news anchor and reporter for many years.

    The PUSH to have people take this shot has reached alarming levels. I am not usually an alarmist but they are offering gift cards, etc is we will just relent and get the shot.

    The clinic across the street keeps calling me. An offer just showed up in my email. Its like being hypnotized…but I refuse to fall victim to the back and firth watch. Nothing good can come of this.

    As a senior I am doubly cautious. I have a weakened immune system and do not believe this vaccine would be right for me. I live in a 55 plus establishment and many here are frail and unable to take regular shots. I am sticking around for the reveal because I believe that the true intent for this shot will show itself to us very soon.

    I do not argue with anyone about it because it is futile, but this is just my opinion.

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