Happy With My Age !!!

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Listen to Lura sing “Thank Heaven For You” with her husband who wrote the song.

Too many are hung up on ‘age’. When  the subject of age comes up in a  conversation, some visibly (almost) shudder. Others leave the group. Some act as if ‘getting older’ is a fatal disease that must be avoided.  Many see this as a juvenile attitude and the subject of age can be entertaining to many.

I am a REALISTIC, down-to-earth person. I have never wished that I was younger.  When I was ten, I wanted to be a teenager but I outgrew that. Now, at 85, I am totally happy with my age. Even if I COULD, I don’t want to be 25, 35, 45 or even 65 again. I enjoyed most of those ages but the years between 25 and 55 were rough; I certainly don’t  want those again. The years had nothing to do with it; it was the impossible situation. This, too, passed and now I find life like a gift to be opened. I am happy with my age.

During those years between 25 and 55 I lived in the middle of strife and stress.  Actually, it is a kind of miracle that I survived those negative years. On the positive side, I began to recognize my God-given gifts. I had ignored these before; I was too busy doing everything I could to make someone else happy. I knew that I could do many things well but that wasn’t important at that time. My main job was to help my husband  believe that he’s the most wonderful man in the world.   I liked being a wife; I actually enjoyed the challenge of cooking and housekeeping .I could do a great job of all of it.  Meanwhile, I learned that several others had the same idea – about MY husband, not theirs !!

When I left with our four-months-old son, I hadn’t had a decent meal in two weeks. I was GLAD to get to my Mama’s FULL TABLE (from two vegetable gardens). One of my faults is that I am too trusting. My Mama always told me, “Honey, when you are nice to people, they will be nice to you.” Mama, sorry to tell you this BUT that is not always true. I was young enough to still be in my  “almost everyone is good and honest” stage. As I learned more, I grew out of that stage in a hurry. Now I am patient enough to “wait and see”.

I haven’t allowed my ‘lessons’ to make me bitter. I simply move away from those who are dishonest and continue to see others who might feel as I do. I tend to get  more friendly with those I might trust.

I’ve never understood liars. I realize  that they are trying to give a convincing side of whatever. Seems to me that one lie might demand a dozen others. How can anyone remember what they have said on numerous occasions ? If I simply tell the truth, I don’t have to worry about ‘different stories’; I can state the truth again with no concern.

Can you imagine how quickly I would age if I had to stop and consider what I might have said in the past? If I lied about my age, would that make me younger ? Of course not !! We are the age we are and we need to learn to enjoy THAT age. If anything, dreaming and wishing to be young again could possibly make us age faster !! ENJOY the age you are !!!  In ten years you will wish you were back to the age you are NOW. Forget that foolishness and enjoy where you are TODAY.  If age was something we could change that might bring all kinds of possibilities. We can’t, however, change our age. We might use products that make us look younger, but that is all we can do. Of course, if we prefer surgery, we might try that ….to help for a short while.  Loosen up, stop worrying about your age and start enjoying the TODAY of your life !!!

I want to share a secret with you. When I smile, MY WRINKLES DISAPPEAR ! It  is true ! At my age, I am supposed to have wrinkles ! They don’t bother me at all; I am just me. As we used to say when I was young, ‘’like me or lump me’. It doesn’t matter what your response  is , I am still me and I prefer that you be the real ‘you’.

 85-year-old  Lura Zerick is the mother of 5 adults, grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of 7. She was born and raised in the Florida Panhandle. After living in Miami, Atlanta, Tampa and other cities, she now lives on six acres of woods in S.E. Alabama, near Geneva.  Lura has been involved in writing since 1965. Her freelance articles are  published in regional and national magazines.


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